GSA Working to Expand on Social Security Administration’s Digital Identity System  

There’s a solid cybersecurity argument for electronic verification, but equity can’t be neglected, observers say.

After Having Their Computers Monitored, Employees Blast SSA Watchdog

Employee group pledges to bring its complaints to the White House and Congress.

Social Security Wants Feedback on ‘Learning Agenda’ to Improve Data for Decision-Making

The agency is getting started on the data and policy improvement plan mandated under the Evidence Act.

IT Panel Makes Recommendations for Social Security’s Tech Modernization

The recommendations come as the Social Security Administration embarks on a years-long IT modernization.

110,000 Americans Died Waiting for Social Security Disability Benefits in Last Decade 

Americans waited an average of more than two years for benefits decisions from the government during the past decade.

4 Million Americans Waited Over an Hour in Line at Social Security Field Offices in 2019

Two separate Social Security Administration inspector general audits provide a detailed picture of customer experience over the past decade at the agency.

Social Security Wants a New Way to Manage Access for 330 Million Americans

The agency is considering overhauling its identity credential and access management, or ICAM, system to manage secure access for all users.

Social Security Administration Seeks to Solicit More Feedback from Customers

The agency is following White House guidance to improve customer service delivery, beginning with getting more input from actual customers.

CISA Director Pushes to Discontinue Social Security Numbers as Identification

Industry is eager to promote alternatives and improvements for digital identity. 

Social Security Announces More Telework Cuts

The move comes after Congress directed the agency to reinstate telework in other offices within SSA.

Democratic Senators Urge Social Security to Restore Telework

Lawmakers ask the agency to reconsider its decision to end a 6-year-old pilot program, citing concerns about the burden it places on employees and productivity.

Impasses Panel Gives Rare Win to Union on Telework

Just days after the Social Security Administration announced the impending end of a long-running telework pilot program for operations staff, the panel protected employees in the Office of Hearing Operations from a similar fate.

IG: Social Security’s Information Security Program is ‘Not Effective,’ Says Watchdog

The agency’s annual FISMA audit showed significant, recurring weaknesses in every area.

Social Security Ends Telework Program for 12,000 Employees

Workers in all of the Social Security Administration’s operations components have less than two weeks to find alternate arrangements.

Social Security Taps Team of Federal IT, Management Notables to Assess Modernization Progress

The team will look at how the agency’s IT modernization efforts are going, including how those changes are affecting Social Security employees and stakeholders.