Research and Development

DARPA's Pandemic Prevention Platform

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, DARPA's 10 years of funding research and development on DNA and RNA vaccines, including a $25 million award to Moderna to help establish its messenger RNA platform, proved critical.

DOD looks to kickstart 5G competition

The Defense Department is looking to expand its 5G exploration to include a new network of technologies with a competitive challenge.

Second wave solicitations coming for DOD 5G test sites

The Defense Department plans to award the first three of seven new 5G test bed contracts in the spring.

DARPA's new hardware proves tough to crack

The Defense Department's advanced research arm has early results from its effort to prove that re-engineering hardware makes for fewer cyber vulnerabilities.

Engineering hurdles to clear ahead of tech 're-shoring'

The Trump administration has national security concerns when it comes to foreign dominance in microelectronics, but research and engineering advances are needed as a precursor to new policy, a top official said.

DHS tests anti-drone tech

The tests by the Border Patrol are designed to gather information about the use of drones by drug smugglers and other criminal organizations at the border and to determine what agents need by way of response.

Augmented reality headset is the breakout star of Army's 2021 budget request

The Army's focused on finding savings so it can boost modernization funding and the 2021 budget request shows how it wants the initial fielding of augmented reality night goggles to stand out.

Pentagon focuses on research, cyber in 2021 budget request

The Defense Department wants to significantly increase funds for research, cyber, and cloud.

Can the U.S. compete in R&D?

Lawmakers and experts are worried about federal research funding, especially with Chinese national investments in AI, 5G, quantum and other emerging technologies.

NIST official says post-quantum environment still years away

Despite industry claims of quantum supremacy, a NIST official said there's no danger in the near future that modern tools will be able break current encryption methods.

How the Army is girding for electronic warfare

As the risks of EW attacks multiply, the Army's C5ISR Center is developing new tools for testing and hardening its battlefield systems.

NIST looking for partners to secure energy IoT

The agency is looking for new methods for secure connected devices in the U.S. energy industrial sector, from sensors attached to machinery and vehicles to insecure devices that help transmit data from distribution control systems.

TSA kicks off facial recognition trial in Las Vegas airport

The Transportation Security Administration is testing its ability to match live photos of air passengers with travel documents using a proprietary algorithmic system.

Pentagon sets up new 5G shop

DOD Undersecretary for Research and Engineering Michael Griffin said the department is in the midst of adding assistant directors to lead the "strategic shaping" of 5G research and development.

Army tests smart-city communication tools

The test involved a combination of ARL-developed IoT architecture and commercially available smart-city hardware and software.

U.S. geospatial data could flow to China via drones

Experts and public officials warned lawmakers at a Senate hearing of the risks in China's increasing dominance in low-cost unmanned aerial vehicles.

IARPA wants old tech data

Intelligence community researchers want to put some data behind IT and other technologies' performance over the years to see how they might work out down the line.