White House Holiday Warning Identifies Options for Reporting Ransomware

The FBI has a prominent portal for entities to report cybersecurity incidents, but Congress is considering legislation that officials fear could change the current dynamic.

Government Watchdog Welcomes Treasury’s Data Collection on Cyber Insurance Claims

A Government Accountability Office report on the Treasury Department’s role in shaping the market for cybersecurity insurance is expected next spring.

Pentagon Officials Rethinking Cyber's Role in National Defense Strategy

Cyber policy lead Mieke Eoyang discussed the Defense Department’s role in the nation’s cybersecurity posture, including in defending elections and countering ransomware attacks. 

NSA Director: Evolving Cyber Threats Require Deeper Public-Private Partnerships

“This is not Cold War 2.0 and China is not the Soviet Union,” Gen. Paul Nakasone said. 

Governments Warn Iran Is Targeting Microsoft and Fortinet Flaws to Plant Ransomware

A warning from allied cybersecurity agencies coincides with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s recent order for agencies to patch a range of vulnerabilities.

Report: 20% of Defense Contractors at Risk for Ransomware Attack

The report measured the cybersecurity protocols undertaken by top defense contractors.

Lawmakers Dig for Details in Federal Response to Ransomware

Agency leaders said they aim to improve coordination among the many agencies with cybersecurity missions.

US Partnering with Israel to Counter Ransomware, Regulate FinTech

Israel’s NSO Group represents just one aspect of the country’s lively tech industry, which may be about to get another energizing jolt from its government.

Most Employees Want Stronger Enforcement of Cybersecurity Protocols in the Workplace, Survey Finds

Two-thirds of respondents found National Institute of Standards and Technology guidelines to be “extremely” or “very” valuable.

Senators Urge Better Cyber Protection For K-12 Schools

A recent Government Accountability Office report dove into how virtual classrooms are increasing vulnerability to ransomware and other cyber threats.

U.S. Government Acts Against Alleged REvil Hackers

The Justice Department announced two indictments while the State Department offered $10 million for information on other conspirators. 

FDIC to Strengthen IT Security Following IG Audit

An audit found notable weaknesses within the FDIC’s information security processes.

FBI Warns of Ranzy Locker Hacks Against U.S. Companies 

More than 30 firms in various industries have been compromised by the ransomware as of July 2021 as Congress looks to combat the surge of digital attacks. 

Senate Committee Chair: ‘Ransomware Has Changed the Equation’

The recent attacks on food and gas supply chains shifted how Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chair Gary Peters prioritizes cybersecurity.

Russian Corruption Makes It Harder to Crack Down on Ransomware

Hackers who learned skills in government service are branching out “for their own personal enrichment,” Pentagon cyber leader says.

Justice Official Dangles Liability Protections to Encourage Private-Sector Breach Reports

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco also promised to compensate whistleblowers who reveal federal contractors misrepresenting their cybersecurity posture.

Feds Urge Action Against BlackMatter Ransomware Based on Third-Party Tip

A joint advisory officially associates the notorious ransomware-as-a-service group with the Colonial Pipeline attack.