CISA Encourages Mitigations in Face of OnePercent Group

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency shared an FBI flash report on the group which provides insight into the extent of the ransomware business ecosystem.

Hackers Strike Another Hospital System

Cybercriminals struck Memorial Health System, a nonprofit that runs three hospitals, outpatient service sites and clinics spread across southeastern Ohio and northwestern West Virginia.

CISA Offers Tips to Protect Data in Face of Evolving Ransomware Attacks

The cybersecurity agency warned attackers now threaten to sell or leak stolen data, not just render systems unusable.

NIST Updates Cyber Resiliency Guide to Account for Increasingly Sophisticated Threats

Public feedback on the more than 200-page document will be considered in the near future.

CISA Stands Up Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative

The effort includes partnerships with several major tech companies.

States Weigh Bans on Ransomware Payoffs

The idea is that this would deter attacks because cybercriminals would know they couldn’t get paid.

Agencies Unveil Plans to Fight Ransomware—Including Paying for Tips

The State Department’s Rewards for Justice program is offering a reward of up to $10 million for information about attackers targeting U.S. critical infrastructure.

Official Suggests Consequences Coming to Russia for Ransomware

A senior administration official said the U.S. has made specific requests through official channels regarding cyber criminals.

U.S., Russian Officials to Meet Following Kaseya Ransomware Attack

President Joe Biden also plans to meet with U.S. officials on measures to address ransomware.

Ransomware, Data Breach, Cyberattack: What Do They Have to Do with Your Personal Information, and How Worried Should You Be?

Even if your data has not been exposed yet, why not take the time now to protect yourself?

Key Senator Wants Biden to Raise SolarWinds in International Negotiations

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Mark Warner said espionage campaigns like the SolarWinds hack merit discussion with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Colonial Pipeline CEO: Cybersecurity Mandates From TSA Might Help

Hackers breached the company after gaining access to a virtual private network not protected by multifactor authentication.

Cryptocurrency Crackdown Won’t Stop Ransomware, CISA Official Says

Cybersecurity professionals stress the importance of proactive defense to combat the growing number of attacks.

The Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Hackers Had a Secret Weapon: Self-Promoting Cybersecurity Firms

Five months before DarkSide attacked the Colonial pipeline, two researchers discovered a way to rescue its ransomware victims. Then an antivirus company’s announcement alerted the hackers.

Pipeline Security Act Reintroduced in House

More than a dozen lawmakers have cosponsored the legislation following the Colonial Pipeline attack.