US Marshals to Unveil ‘Fully Reconstituted System’ Following Ransomware Attack

Offline since February, the new system will have improved cybersecurity countermeasures.

Biden Admin to Debut New Emerging Tech Policies at Summit for Democracy

The virtual conference will spotlight how to marry emerging technologies with democratic values, and the U.S. will spearhead new initiatives domestically and abroad.

CISA Launches Ransomware Warning Pilot for Critical Infrastructure

The new pilot program will enable “timely risk reduction” by alerting critical infrastructure owners and operators of vulnerabilities within their systems that are susceptible to ransomware attacks.

Ransomware Payments Decreased in 2022 as Criminals Used Other Extortion Tactics

A report from Recorded Future found that, even as ransomware continues to pose a global challenge for individuals and organizations, threat actors are increasingly using other methods to steal sensitive data and demand payments from victims.

A CISA Test Hack Offers Warnings for Critical Infrastructure Organizations

A CISA red team simulated a malicious cyberattack on a critical infrastructure organization to test security measures and give recommendations to other entities.

Report Reveals How US Has 'Not Advanced the Ball' on Top Cyber Risks

The top cybersecurity risks of 2023 include a shortage of trained cyber professionals, international strife and continued vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure services, according to a new report from the Bipartisan Policy Center.

CISA, South Korean Agencies Issue Joint Warning on North Korean Ransomware

The new cybersecurity advisory spotlights North Korean-backed actors targeting healthcare networks with ransomware.

US and UK Join Forces to Sanction Russian Hackers

Members of cybercrime group Trickbot, which favors deploying ransomware on critical infrastructure, were handed sanctions in the first-of-its-kind collaboration between U.S. and U.K. agencies.

Russian Hacker Pleads Guilty to Crypto Money Laundering

Denis Mihaqlovic Dubnikov used cryptocurrencies to attempt to hide his involvement in ransomware attacks on foreign and domestic companies.

Justice 'Hacked the Hackers' of Hive Ransomware, Stopping $130M in Demands

It took national and international cooperation to thwart the group, who targeted more than 1,500 victims.

Agencies Push Deadline to Comment on Would-Be Federal Cyber Insurance Program

Insurance companies are pushing for taxpayer assistance to provide coverage in the event of catastrophic incidents.

Russia Linked to Nearly 75% of Late 2021 Ransomware Attacks, Per Analysis

The analyzed ransomware variants—from July to December 2021—amounted to millions of dollars in damages.

White House Kicks Off Second International Counter Ransomware Initiative Summit

The gathering, featuring a total of 36 countries, will focus on preventing large scale cyber attacks and money laundering via digital currencies.

Treasury Seeks Comment on How to Structure a Cyber Insurance Program

The Department’s Federal Insurance Office—together with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency—is soliciting feedback in preparation for a report to Congress.

CISA Requests Input on Terms Already Defined by Incident Reporting Law

The agency is embarking on a rulemaking process to implement the law, which requires those who make ransomware payments to report them to the government. 

Congressional Commission Probes HHS Capability to Address Health Sector Ransomware Attacks

The oversight group wants more detailed information on the HHS’ cyberdefenses as digital networks for critical infrastructure remain a target for malicious actors.

Ransomware Hackers Will Still Target Smaller Critical Infrastructure, CISA Director Warns

CISA Executive Director Brandon Wales discussed how ransomware actors target companies of all sizes, and how CISA wants organizations to prevent zero-day events.