Health Records

VA Electronic Health Records Program Delayed Up to 12 Weeks For ‘Strategic Review’

House committee leadership plans to hold a hearing in April on the program and strategic review process. 

Pentagon Wants a Commercial Electronic Health Record System for Animal Servicemembers

The Defense Health Agency is looking for a cloud-based veterinary EHR to replace its government-built system.

DOD Tracking COVID Vaccinations with New Electronic Health Record System

The military was already developing a digital vaccination tracking system before the COVID-19 outbreak.

COVID-19 Revealed How Sick the U.S. Health Care Delivery System Really Is

In reality, the U.S. health care sector is not a system at all.

Veterans Affairs Rolls Out Ethics Framework for Guarding Vets’ Data

The agency aims to set expectations around who can manage, view and access veteran data.

GAO Recommends VA Pause EHR Deployment to Resolve Issues

The Veterans Affairs Department told auditors it will move on with deployments while addressing test findings. 

The Evolution of Public Health

Driven by a global pandemic, federal agencies stepped up with new strategies and embraced new technical capabilities to combat the coronavirus and meet their missions. 

Military Health Officials: Electronic Health Records Rollout On Schedule and Ready for COVID Vaccine

After a pause this spring, the MHS Genesis rollout is back on track, with two deployment waves scheduled for early 2021.

VA Launches New Electronic Health Record Platform Amid a Pandemic, Wildfires and Citywide Power Outages

Nature seemed to be against the Veterans Affairs Department’s new EHR system. But officials are reporting a “flawless” cutover for the first deployment.

VA-DOD Health Exchange Adds 15,000-Member Hospital Network

The CommonWell Health Alliance officially joined the joint health information exchange, broadening the government’s ability to digitally share patient data with private health care providers.

VA Takes Important Step in Prep for New Health Records Launch

The Veterans Affairs Department successfully transferred data of thousands of patients to its new electronic health records system.

VA Officials Hope to Wrap Training, Testing Before October Go-Live of EHR Program

Despite numerous obstacles, the Veterans Affairs Department expects to be ready for the October 24 deployment date its new electronic health records system.

GAO Issues Definitive List of Most Important Federal IT Acquisitions

The Government Accountability Office scored more than 100 federal IT projects and offered detailed breakdowns of the most “essential mission-critical IT acquisitions.”

Coast Guard Begins Deploying Pentagon’s New Electronic Health Records System

The service kicked off a deployment schedule that aims to have all land-based clinics using DOD’s MHS GENESIS by 2024.

VA Restarts Electronic Health Record Rollout

The initial deployment at a Spokane, Washington, medical center is now scheduled for October, while the new scheduling system will begin rolling out in August.