Bill aims to create one disaster recovery assistance application

Simplifying the application process would remove the burden on disaster survivors seeking federal assistance in the wake of hurricanes, floods, wildfires and more, lawmakers say.

DHS faces uphill climb with financial systems modernization

The agency made some awards on a long-delayed financial management modernization effort earlier this month, but years of work awaits the agency on establishing an enterprisewide system.

Modernized FEMA system still has legacy data issues

Although the Federal Emergency Management Agency's recent modernization of a 30-year-old flood insurance system works well, it still uses old legacy data, according to a new report.

House's DHS funding bill would create public-private cyber center

The legislation would give $2.25 billion to DHS' cyber wing and set up an integrated cybersecurity center with other agencies, state and local governments and private industry.

Mapping the PPE supply chain

Ninety days after the COVID-19 emergency declaration, a Senate panel examined how U.S. responders are managing procurement and delivery of needed supplies.

FAA asks employees to round up N95 masks, other PPE

The Federal Aviation Administration put out an email blast to employees at field offices and airport facilities on April 8 looking for medical supplies to share out to the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Health and Human Services.

National Labs turn to 3D printing for medical supplies

National labs look to 3D printing to ease COVID medical supply chain squeeze, but reports shows need remains stark.

McAleenan resignation puts the spotlight on DHS vacancies

Ten of the most senior posts at the Department of Homeland Security are held by acting leaders, and only five have candidates in the Senate confirmation pipeline.

IT hampers FEMA's hurricane recovery

As a monster storm churns off the East Coast, the DHS watchdog says IT has hindered the Federal Emergency Management Agency's past recovery efforts.

Acting DHS chief plans to unify immigration IT

The Trump administration plans to seek supplemental 2019 and 2020 funds to push its border policies, including IT modernization plans.

Cyber exercise shows need for closer federal-state coordination

A joint exercise in Houston last summer highlighted gaps in infrastructure protection.

DHS faces immediate and long-term problems from the shutdown

The shutdown is having lasting effects on the mission at the Department of Homeland Security, with some effects more evident than others, according to ex-agency officials.

Acquisition frozen at DHS due to the shutdown

The Department of Homeland Security acknowledged that the government shutdown, now over a month old, is hampering the ability of the agency to respond to contract solicitations.

Get ready for a 'text' from POTUS

FEMA and the FCC are teaming up to test an emergency alert system that includes a presidential message sent to wireless phones.

FEMA delays nationwide alert test

A plan to test an emergency alert system by hitting nearly every U.S. cell phone with a presidential message was delayed because the agency is focused on Hurricane Florence relief.

FEMA tackles the hurricane rumor mill with new web page

As it responds to the potential devastation of Hurricane Florence, FEMA has set up a new web page to track and warn the public about unsubstantiated whisper campaigns related to relief efforts.

FEMA CIO Adrian Gardner reassigned

Gardner, who took over FEMA's IT office in 2013, accepted a new position as the Executive Director of Recovery Communications Technology in the Caribbean Area Division.