Scott Pruitt’s New Rule Could Completely Transform the EPA

It would not only undermine 30 years of clean-air regulations, but radically restrict what science the agency is allowed to use.

EPA Sued Over Employees Using Encrypted Messaging App

An advocacy group is suing the EPA over an open records request regarding employees’ use of the application Signal.

A New Analysis of 4-Year-Old Data Shows the EPA Is Ignoring a Lot of Toxins in US Drinking Water

PFOA, an ingredient in Teflon, is far more prevalent in American drinking water than previously thought.

EPA Awards $58M Contract for Environmental Modeling

IT contractor CSRA will provide hardware and software to EPA’s existing high-performance computing system, among other things.

Congress Requests Review of EPA’s Use of Encrypted Communications

The use of encrypted communications applications across government is on the upswing, though such communications are still privy to sunshine laws.

Industry Group to Trump: Halting EPA Contracts is Bad for Business

Part of the contracting community voiced “serious concerns” over the move, calling on EPA and the new administration to “share as much information publicly as possible” about the validity, rationale and duration of contract suspensions.

FITARA Scorecards Could Better Reflect Progress, CIOs Say

In theory, the scorecards motivate agencies to perform better, but they may not always accurately capture much of the progress made.

Watchdog Calls EPA Tweets 'Covert Propaganda'

The agency used a social media campaign to drum up support for a controversial rule.

EPA Wants to Tap the Crowd for Research Help

This builds on OSTP's “Federal Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science Toolkit," released last week.

NASA Names New CIO

Renee Wynn began her term as NASA's new CIO after more than two decades working for the Environmental Protection Agency.

Volkswagen Admits Its Cheating Software Is in 11 Million Cars Worldwide

“We have totally screwed up.” That was the frank assessment of a Volkswagen executive in the U.S., coming clean about the German carmaker’s burgeoning emissions-cheating scandal.

Fake Dot-Gov Webmail Used in Phishing Scam to Hack EPA and Census Staff

Nigerian admits breaching employee email accounts to order agency office products that he then sold on the black market.