Continuous Monitoring

IG: CISA-Run Monitoring Program Has Not Improved DHS’ Cybersecurity Posture

The department’s inspector general also found vulnerabilities in the department’s technology due to poorly defined patch management roles and configuration settings.

Addressing Insider Threats with Event Triggers 

An insider threat program that incorporates financial triggers can help identify at-risk individuals.

A Test and Trace Strategy for Reconnecting to Government Networks

Agencies shifted to large-scale work from home operations but little thought has been given to how to secure these networks when workers return to the office. 

The Pentagon’s Cybersecurity Certification Plan Includes Continuously Monitoring Contractors  

A request for proposals outlines a portal where auditors would get automatic notifications if a company’s security score dips below a specified threshold.

Keeping Up with Compliance in the Digital Age 

Late adopters to the Homeland Security Department’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program can still benefit.

Can the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation Program Secure a Cloud Smart Government?

The good news is that CDM is proactively reaching out to leading cloud service providers for soltuions.

The State of Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation

Many agencies face the same challenges when trying to implement CDM capabilities.

Watchdog: OPM is At Risk of Not Being Able to Restore IT Systems Post-Disaster

The massive 2015 data breaches that exposed personal information of current and former federal employees are the subject of an ongoing lawsuit. 

DHS Cyber Monitoring Program Is Shedding Light on Agencies’ Shadow IT

Before using tools provided under the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program, agencies only knew about four of every seven devices that connected to their networks, according to program manager Kevin Cox.

House Committee Advances Bill to Expand DHS Cyber Monitoring Program

As state and local governments face rising cyber threats, the legislation would give them free access to the tools provided under the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program.

Lawmakers Want to Expand DHS' Cyber Monitoring Program to State and Local Governments

Under a forthcoming bill, lawmakers also aim to make it easier for agencies to put the data collected under the program to good use.

Can New Technologies Restore a Robust Federal Cyber Perimeter?

Many agencies are deemphasizing traditional notions like perimeter security and concentrating more on the concept of resiliency, recovery and ways to mitigate the effects of a breach.

Agencies Are Leaving Sensitive Data Vulnerable to Hackers, Congress Says

Amid growing threats from China, Iran and Russia, most agencies are struggling to put in place even the most basic cybersecurity measures, according to congressional researchers.

NASA Official Credits DHS’ Cyber Tools with Transforming Its Cyber Stance

The space agency has a much better grip on its vast data since it has deployed Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation tech.

Air Force’s New Fast-Track Process Can Grant Cybersecurity Authorizations In One Week

The process is a mix of quick but comprehensive testing up front followed by continuous monitoring through the life of the app.

Homeland Security Flexes Muscles with New Cybersecurity Strategy

The strategy envisions clearer consequences for agencies that don’t meet their cyber responsibilities.