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With Job Website, Spy Agencies Try to Reach Younger Applicants

The intelligence community’s new website includes a “job exploration” function that tells high school students how to get involved in government work.

CIO Briefing

A New CIO for the CIA

John Edwards will return to the agency, where he worked for 15 years before his employment in the private sector.


How the CIA is Making Sense of Big Data

The new Directorate for Digital Innovation resulted from the technological explosion of connectivity and data among devices, sensors and people.

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The Intelligence Community’s Big Budget Challenge

The report suggests IT spending will essentially stagnate through 2020, with estimated IT spending at $9.5 billion by then.

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Is Congress All Bark and No Bite on Encryption?

Even critics of the tech industry aren’t quite sure how to guarantee government access to terrorist communications.

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What Happens When the CIA Joins Twitter

A podcast discussion of the agency's unique social media strategy.

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Senators Investigate Role of Encryption in Paris Attacks

Lawmakers want to know whether encryption allowed the attackers to keep their communications covert.

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Brennan: Paris Is a 'Wakeup Call' to Europe on Encryption

The ability to shield communications from anyone but the intended recipient via encryption and other digital means will now face unprecedented challenges.


Are Microsoft and Google Better at Cybersecurity than the CIA?

Questions arise following the hack of John Brennan's personal email.


CIA: Brennan AOL Files on WikiLeaks ‘Absolutely’ Not Official Agency Work

The six documents published on the website date from 2007 and 2008, and include an application for a security clearance to handle classified information.

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What We Know About the Hack of the CIA Director’s Private Email

The CIA said it was investigating but wouldn’t confirm if the account was legitimate.


CIA Social Media Team: We Use Twitter to 'Explain Our Mission'

The small team is more interested in using the platform to push out historical tidbits than having conversations with individual users.

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CIA Announces First ‘Digital’ Directorate

The digital office is the first new directorate in more than 50 years.

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CIA's Genius Twitter Strategy

Why this shadowy government agency is showing its sense of humor.

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IC Hones in on New CIO

Raymond Cook formerly led multiagency IT infrastructure, data sharing and compliance within the CIA.

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How Much Damage Can OPM Hackers Do With a Million Fingerprints?

The pilfering of 1.1 million fingerprints is “probably the biggest counterintelligence threat in my lifetime,” one former NSA official said.

IT Modernization

How To Break Into the CIA’s Cloud on Amazon

Looking to steal America’s spy data from Amazon? Hope you’re up for a challenge.

IT Modernization

What Do US Intelligence Agencies and Netflix Have in Common? Both are Amazon Cloud Customers

It’s been almost a year since Amazon Web Services stood up a cloud computing infrastructure for the 17 agencies within the intelligence community.