IT Modernization

CIA Is Trying to Hack Your iPhone

New Snowden documents reveal a decade-long CIA push to break Apple’s encryption protections.

Emerging Tech

CIA’s New Big Data Hub Will be Hosted in the Cloud

CIA Chief Information Officer Doug Wolfe confirmed Wednesday the intelligence agency will start using Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub platform by April.

IT Modernization

CIA is Bringing Amazon’s Marketplace to the Intelligence Community

In the coming months, Amazon Web Services will launch an IC-only cloud marketplace that aims to shake up the way spy agencies purchase software.

CIO Briefing

CIA Watchdog Who Revealed Senate Hack is Resigning

Inspector General David Buckley will step down at the end of the month, the agency said.


Torture Report: Seized Computers, Not Waterboarding, Thwarted Would-be Bomber

A confiscated computer and the CIA's cyber capabilities -- not waterboarding -- were essential in yielding information.

CIO Briefing

CIA’s Official Book Reviewer Unimpressed with Tomes on Snowden

The spy agency describes Glenn Greenwald’s recent book as full of “bitter ad hominem rationale.”

IT Modernization

Daring Deal

Amazon is building a cloud for the intelligence community under a plan to upend the status quo.