Experts Say AI Could Raise the Risks of Nuclear War

A new RAND report says ideas like mutually assured destruction and minimal deterrence strategy offer a lot less assurance in the age of intelligent software.


Trump Has Never Asked Us to Stop Russian Election Meddling, Intelligence Chiefs Testify

The intelligence community agrees Russia will try to influence the 2018 midterms, but they’re less clear on how to stop the Kremlin.


Edward Snowden Is Campaigning Against the World’s Largest Biometric ID Program

Aadhaar, India’s 12-digit unique identification number program that has been under fire for its security and privacy systems.

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China and the CIA Are Competing to Fund Silicon Valley’s AI Startups

The U.S. intelligence community is upping its early-stage investments in machine-learning companies — but Beijing is pouring in far more.

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What the CIA’s Tech Director Wants from AI

Dawn Meyerriecks says staying ahead of Russia and China isn’t as hard as getting U.S. leaders to listen to their own artificial intelligence analysis.


If Your Home Wi-Fi Router Is on This List, It Might Be Vulnerable to CIA Hacking Tools

CherryBlossom infects routers by identifying their make and model and injecting malicious firmware into them.

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CIA's Cloud is 'Pretty Close' to Invincible, CIO Says

The agency wants to operate more like commercial companies, not the government, CIA CIO John Edwards said.

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The Intel Community's Love-Hate Relationship with the Internet of Things

The CIA ponders how to gain an advantage with devices without leaving itself vulnerable.


CIA Director Pledges to Ramp Up Digital Defenses Against WikiLeaks, Insider Threats

Mike Pompeo characterized WikiLeaks and others as anti-democratic celebrity seekers in his first public remarks as director.


Some Alleged CIA Hacking Tools—Like Apps That Turn Smart TVs into Spies—Do Exist

A more unsettling issue may be why the CIA couldn’t protect its own data in the first place.

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How the CIA's Cloud Puts Fresh Tech at Analysts' Fingertips

The intelligence community's marketplace gets new software into analysts' hands faster.

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Is the CIA Ready for the Age of Cyberwar?

Behind the most sweeping reforms in the agency’s history—and their limits

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CIA Can Anticipate Social Unrest ‘Three to Five Days’ Out in Some Cases

The agency's use of sophisticated algorithms and analytics have significantly improved its ability to predict events.

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CIA Official: ‘Cloud Has Been a Godsend’

The technology has bolstered the agency's cyber defenses and the speed at which it addresses threats to the nation.

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Former CIA Chief Calls Trump a National Security Threat

Michael Morell announced he will be casting a vote for Hillary Clinton in the November presidential election.


CIA Director: Open Source a ‘Tremendous Advantage’

Combining data sets offers a clearer picture of an event, John Brennan said.

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Spy Chief 'Excited' about Agency’s Modernization Effort

Initial skepticism "has dissipated as we've been able to explain what the purpose is," John Brennan said.

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Will Amazon’s IC Marketplace Disrupt IT Acquisition?

The IC Marketplace is essentially a classified version of AWS’ public marketplace.

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CIA Only Follows One Non-US Account on Twitter

The United Kingdom’s Government Communications Headquarters, an intelligence and security agency, joined Twitter today.