IRS hits key digitization goal months ahead of schedule

Although Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen plugged progress in IRS efforts to tame paper in the agency, she also emphasized that “playing politics with IRS funding is unacceptable.”

House picks new speaker, but shutdown threat looms

Federal agency missions often take a back seat amid preparations for a funding lapse.

Congress averts shutdown with a 45-day stopgap funding bill

Lawmakers passed a bipartisan measure just hours before a funding lapse was set to furlough hundreds of thousands of federal employees.

House passes last-minute CR, potentially averting a government shutdown

After days of brinkmanship, House Republicans passed a 45-day continuing resolution to keep the government open past Monday.

Biden administration begins cautioning feds to prepare for a shutdown

Degree of organization varies across government as agencies note a funding lapse could still be avoided.

Shutdown looms despite House GOP claims of progress toward spending plan

Confidence in a new short-term funding proposal was short-lived on Thursday.

TMF reboot looks to stabilize funding, increase transparency

The reauthorization of the Modernizing Government Technology Act is due for a committee markup on Wednesday.

Shutdowns and the ‘avalanche of work’ for government tech shops

Even if a shutdown doesn’t happen, planning for one has a real cost, former government CIOs say.

Path to averting a shutdown remains elusive as Senate looks to pass first FY24 spending bills

The upper chamber has bipartisan support for many of its funding measures and will look to put pressure on the divided House.

The shutdown threat would be off the table, under newly proposed legislation

A bill from Virginia Democrats would automatically trigger a continuing resolution when there is a lapse in appropriations and restrict the Senate’s ability to consider non-spending legislation until funding is figured out.

Leaders in both parties agree to pursue a stopgap to avoid shutdown

The House and Senate remain significantly divided over spending for the rest of fiscal 2024.

Scaling and talent development dominate Senate’s AI-focused NDAA amendments

The upper chamber’s draft of the NDAA looks to regulate and incorporate AI systems in federal operations, broadly helmed by a team of bipartisan senators.

The Senate is on a bipartisan glidepath toward avoiding a shutdown, Schumer says

The way forward is still complicated by the House, which is pushing partisan spending bills along party lines.

Experts warn of financial challenges and gaps in cyber implementation plan 

From a crucial lack of federal funding to longstanding issues with the cyber workforce, experts told Nextgov/FCW that the new cybersecurity implementation plan features major “financial potholes.”

Congress must use budget power to move tech firms out of Beijing’s orbit, former lawmaker says

Former congressman and Under Secretary of the Army Patrick Murphy said lawmakers need to be focused “like a bulldog on a bone” when ensuring the U.S. is positioned to compete with China’s tech ambitions.

White House unveils fiscal 2025 cybersecurity investment priorities

The administration is urging agencies to align their fiscal 2025 budget requests with recent guidance that prioritizes strengthening federal networks and systems against cyber intrusions.