Federal Government Runs Deficit for 13th Consecutive Month

The federal government continues to run monthly budget deficits in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

Federal Government Blows Past Record Spending in Fiscal 2020

The budget deficit tripled to a record $3.1 trillion—another all-time record.

Federal Government to Conclude Fiscal 2020 With Record Spending

Even without data from the month of September, the Treasury Department reports total federal spending exceeded $6 trillion for the first time.

DeVos Vows to Require Standardized Tests Again: 4 Questions Answered

States may face a financial hit if they do not heed DeVos’ warning about testing.

Annual Government Spending Approaches Historic Territory

Driven heavily by the Defense Department, contract spending across government will exceed $600 billion in fiscal 2020.

Oversight Democrats Want at Least $1B for Technology Upgrades in Next Relief Bill 

Lawmakers make the case that the funding should be included in any coronavirus relief package that comes to a vote to help address IT systems struggling due to surge in demand. 

Preliminary FITARA Scores Look Good, Lawmaker Says

FITARA scores are not finalized but Rep. Gerry Connolly says no agency will receive a D or an F on upcoming scorecard.

House Appropriators Add Support for FedRAMP, 5G and Chinese Telecom Bans to Spending Bill

The committee also suggested adding another $25 million to the Technology Modernization Fund.

House Appropriations Advances Defense Spending Bill

Areas of concern for cybersecurity include building the workforce and 5G development.

Data Shows Significant Drop in IT Services Spending Post COVID-19

Global government spending data shows worldwide decline in IT spending this year, though the numbers tell a unique story for the U.S. government.

Where’s the Money? Keep an Eye on the CARES Act

With the passage of the $2.3 trillion economic relief bill, things are happening at breakneck speed.

Senate Stimulus Bill Includes Resources for Federal Telework and Contracting Community

Portions of the Senate’s stimulus bill address immediate technological challenges for government.

NIST Works on the Industries of the Future in Buildings from the Past

The standards agency updated lawmakers on its artificial intelligence and quantum computing efforts and it’s $775 million deferred maintenance backlog.

Senate Committee OKs Bill to Give CISA Subpoena Authority Over Internet Service Providers

Lawmakers are pushing to give the agency more power and resources despite the cuts requested in the president's budget.