House Appropriators Offer $50M for TMF But White House Wants 10 Times That

The Office of Management and Budget said it’s received more than $2 billion in proposals since getting $1 billion from the American Rescue Plan.

Cybersecurity Funding Faces Political Clash During Appropriations Markup

Republican lawmakers continue to withhold support for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency until their immigration concerns are addressed.

Report: DOD Budget Request Shows IT Increases, Shift to Information Warfare Focus

“The future character of warfare will be defined more by information than by hardware,” according to an analysis by Govini.

VA Is Asking Congress for Fewer IT Dollars in 2022 But Plans to Spend More Than in 2021

The Transformational Fund has been marinating for five years and is ready to supplement the agency’s IT spending.

House Panel Approves DHS Bill with ‘Historic’ Funding for Cybersecurity

The bill would increase the budget for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency from both the previous year’s and the president’s request for fiscal year 2022.

HHS Puts Up $80M to Increase Number and Diversity of Health IT Workforce

The four-year effort will focus on improving data collection—especially around race and ethnicity—and training a more diverse health informatics and technology workforce.

Biden’s Proposed Budget Is a Step in the Right Direction for Emerging Tech

The administration must engage cutting-edge tech companies that will drive economic prosperity and keep the U.S. ahead of its adversaries. 

Defense Officials Tout Proposed Tech Investments But Senators Focus on Divestments

Senate Armed Services Committee lawmakers focused on the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Government’s Contract Spending Reached Record High in Fiscal 2020

Fiscal 2020 is the fifth straight year of increased government contract spending, according to Bloomberg Government.

Where’s the DOD IT Budget Breakdown?

The previous two administrations released separate DOD IT budget documentation going back to at least 2013, but the Biden administration has not yet done the same.

Biden’s R&D Budget Proposals Look to the Future Not the Now, Experts Say

The request includes spending that could considerably impact America’s scientific enterprise—and stakeholders are feeling cautiously optimistic. 

Why Government Needs More than Money to Fix Cybersecurity Issues

A bigger budget has its numerous benefits but it doesn’t magically scale teams or thwart threats.

Biden Budget Ups Request for Civilian Agencies’ Cybersecurity

The president’s funding proposal also puts numbers on the National Cyber Director’s Office and other priority cybersecurity areas.

Biden’s Pentagon Budget Request Focuses on R&D, Forward-Leaning Investments

But getting Congress on board with plans to divest in legacy platforms to fund new capabilities will be a challenge.

Biden Budget Boosts Federal IT Spending

The request would add another $500 million to the Technology Modernization Fund.

Senators Seek to Get Pentagon to Achieve a Clean Audit

A bipartisan bill would penalize the Defense Department for failing. 

Biden Expected to Unveil Full Budget Proposal Next Week, Without a Permanent OMB Director 

A veteran Capitol Hill staffer has been serving as the acting head of the Office of Management and Budget.