Progressive Lawmakers Praise Biden’s Plan for Cybersecurity Labels

Reviews are in on the administration’s long-awaited executive order following several major hacking campaigns.

Cyber Response Bill Advances in Senate

The legislation includes a fund to help impacted organizations pay for remediation efforts.

Billions of Federal Dollars to Close Broadband Gaps are About to Start Flowing

The FCC has launched a program that provides $50 subsidies to help households pay internet bills and also approved rules for a $7 billion fund for libraries and schools.

Biden Issues Executive Order to Bolster Nation’s Cybersecurity

The administration calls for a standardized federal playbook and review board for incident response, as well as changes to software procurement.

The Texas Republican Asking His Party to Just Stop

Former Representative Will Hurd is trying to make the Republican Party more competitive—and more moderate. Can he succeed?

Federal Agencies Say ‘No Evidence’ Hackers Affected Colonial’s Operational Technology 

A leading GOP lawmaker is pressuring CISA to release data on the agency’s pipeline cybersecurity initiative. 

Senate Committee Clashes over Sweeping Election Reform Bill

Lawmakers failed to advance the For the People Act out of committee, but Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is expected to bring the bill to the floor anyhow.

Online, Mug Shots Are Forever. Some States Want to Change That.

People are innocent until proven guilty, but the public release of mug shots taken at the time of arrest can become a barrier to housing, employment and personal relationships.

Federal Tech-Focused Officials Are on the Move

Both new and familiar faces are taking on information technology-aligned positions.

A Year from the Start of the Women’s Recession, 2 Million Women Are Still Out of the Workforce

About 165,000 women left the workforce in April as the economic recovery sputters. Unemployment rates continue to be higher for women of color.

Lawmakers Say It’s Past Time OMB Issued IDEA Act Guidance

After two years in limbo and a pandemic forcing more adoption of digital services, House lawmakers want to see real guidance issued in the next 45 days.

3 Companies Settle Over Millions of Fake Comments on FCC’s Net Neutrality Rollback

Broadband companies funded an effort responsible for 8.5 million fraudulent comments supporting the repeal, according to a New York attorney general report.

White House Seeks Ideas on How Agencies Can Deliver Services More Equitably

The Biden administration wants to know its blindspots and biases in operating federal programs.

TSA Wants New Ideas to Speed Up Checkpoints

The agency is looking for established technologies that could eliminate physical pat-downs and shoe removals.