Man Arrested For Alleged Exportation of Technology To Iran From U.S.

A dual American-Iranian citizen was arrested and charged with one count of conspiracy to illegally export technology and electronic equipment to Iran despite sanctions.

Microelectronics-Innovating Unit Gains New Designation from Defense Secretary

The classification enables the Pentagon to ensure that the “critical mission area remains relevant and viable.”

Congress Losing a Heavy Hitter on Cybersecurity

Rep. Jim Langevin, co-chair and founder of the House Cybersecurity Caucus, will not seek re-election.

Biden Official Credits Diplomacy With Russia for Arrest of Colonial Pipeline Hacker

A senior administration official disassociated the move from tensions between the U.S. and Russia amid a build-up of Russian troops near Ukraine and an unattributed cyberattack on the country’s government websites.

VA Delays Electronic Health Records Deployment Due To COVID Cases

The VA Central Ohio Healthcare System was supposed to receive a new EHR system deployment in March, but COVID spikes overwhelmed the workforce.

Let’s Talk About 6G Policies, Panel Says

6G policies may be important in protecting Democracy.

3 Strategies for Securing the Supply Chain, Security’s Weakest Link 

Today, no vendor or agency is safe—and just as importantly, no single organization can address all these threats independently.

Report: Ensure Federal AI Policies are Aligned

Federal agencies may not be on the same page when it comes to artificial intelligence programs.

NIST Updates Cybersecurity Engineering Guidelines

Amid constant cybersecurity threats, NIST added more insight for engineers and programmers on how to mitigate system vulnerabilities.

How the Log4j Vulnerability is Forcing Change in Federal Cybersecurity Policy

Officials say agencies have demonstrated more dedication than ever in addressing a bug with astronomical reach, but organizations are at the mercy of product vendors to issue the patches they need to implement.

GSA Seeks Comments on Transfer of .Gov Domain to Cybersecurity Agency

The government’s site for managing government websites—dotgov.gov— may temporarily go down for maintenance as officials make the switch.

OPM To Publish Rule Implementing Law Protecting Feds from Discrimination, Whistleblower Retaliation

The Elijah E. Cummings Federal Employee Antidiscrimination Act requires agencies to publish instances when they discriminated or retaliated against federal workers and encourages agencies to punish federal employees responsible for such acts.

Next National Defense Strategy Should Address Hybrid Warfare, Experts Say

Embracing innovative technology and more data sharing with allies should be part of the coming strategy, accordingto former Defense officials.

Privacy Advocates Connect Capitol Attack to Need for Data Protection Legislation

Sen. Ron Wyden joined citizen groups calling for limits on data collection as a way around an impasse over regulating free speech. 

In IT Modernization And Cloud Adoption, Don’t Overlook Employee Training

Training helps keep employees up to date on the latest tech and keep them engaged, according to GSA Cloud Optimization Director Thomas Santucci.