Video: Smart Home Revolution Is Off to a Slow Start


Not everybody wants a fridge that tweets.

The marketplace is full of devices that transform a traditional home into a smart one, but few have switched from analog to digital and embraced the internet of everything. Why?

First, a smart home can be expensive. Purchasing a smart thermostat and a pile of connected lightbulbs add up pretty quickly. Consumers also aren't likely to replace on a whim a perfectly working refrigerator for a new model that can connect to the internet.

Potential users could also be turned off by the complexity of smart home systems. Different apps controlling different devices in charge of different functions throughout the house can create a steep learning curve and a barrier for entry.

Companies are developing hubs to consolidate smart home apps and functions, however. Digital assistants like Amazon's Alexa can help consolidate disparate smart home technologies and make them more user friendly, but don't expect widespread adoption of these devices anytime soon.

To learn more, check out the video below from CNET: