Beyond the Data Center


The federal government has until 2020 to get their data centers in top shape—or get out of owning them.

Federal agencies have until 2020 to optimize their data centers, whether by shrinking the size of existing centers or moving to third-party cloud providers. Eight years into the data center optimization effort, oversight officials say agencies are going to have to make a decision: get serious about optimization or get out of the data center business altogether.

Of the roughly 11,000 data centers identified across the federal government, agencies plan to close 5,597 of them by 2019. For the remaining data centers, agencies have until 2020 to optimize them based on five metrics: server utilization and automated monitoring, energy metering, power usage effectiveness, facility utilization, and virtualization.

This special report looks at the progress agencies are making to meet—or not meet—the 2020 deadline. 

Download Beyond the Data Center special report here.