Data Centers

FCC Blocks US Access for Another Chinese Telecom Company

Concerns remain surrounding data centers controlled by entities like China Unicom Americas.

New FITARA Grades Show Agencies Failing to Transition Off Legacy Networking Services 

But agencies got all As on data center optimization, suggesting it may be time to retire or update that metric.

Operational Technology in the Crosshairs

Yes, utilities use both IT and OT, but so do data centers.

One A, One D in a Relatively Static FITARA Scorecard

Eighteen of 24 agencies received the same grade as in the previous FITARA scorecard.

FBI Needs a Vendor to Help Manage Data Centers

The law enforcement agency seeks technical and engineering support for five locations spread out across the country.

Special Report: The Evolution of the FITARA Scorecard

An in-depth look at an important oversight tool Congress uses to track agencies’ modernization efforts.

Connolly, Hice Announce Bill to Improve Performance Planning at FITARA Hearing

The Performance Enhancement Reform Act would require greater collaboration among agency officials and more detailed descriptions of resources required to meet goals.

NOAA Shifts Some Key Environmental Data Processing to the Cloud

It’s an early step in the agency’s broader path toward modernization.

Federal Shared Services Provider Needs a System to ID Bots in Its Data Center

One of the four central financial service providers wants to use more robotic process automation in its data centers but needs to be able to track those bots—and any potential malicious bots creeping in, as well.

State Department Floats $4B Vehicle to Consolidate Its IT Contracts

The new contract vehicle will also shift the agency’s strategy to focus on fixing problems instead of buying tech.

The Tech Policies the Trump Administration Leaves Behind

Nextgov looks back at the Trump administration's major IT policy moves that will have lasting effects on federal technology for the foreseeable future.

Artificial Intelligences Are Power Hungry, But Not How You Think

Keeping AIs on an ethical short leash is important but there are other aspects to consider.

GSA Urges Agencies to Include Landlords in Telecom Transition Plans

Landlords will be integral to successful modernization efforts as agencies move to the $50 billion Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions telecom contract.

5 Ways the FITARA Scorecard May Evolve 

Ten scorecards later, lawmakers and experts are looking for new ways to update the metrics on which agencies are graded.

The Government’s As-a-Service Future

As federal agencies embrace cloud services, they are considering other pay-as-you-go options. 

GAO: OMB’s Data Center Policy Puts Agencies’ Networks at Risk of Cyberattacks

The administration pushed back hard against the assertion, going so far as to request GAO remove cybersecurity from its latest report.