Hertz is Now Using Facial Recognition to Check Out Cars


The car rental company is promising super speedy checkouts.

Want to rent a car on your next trip? You may be getting your face scanned in order to do so. 

Hertz car rental is partnering with startup Clear to deploy biometrics to speed up its car rental check-out process. 

The technology is already in place at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and the company plans to expand to 40 more locations over the course of 2019. Hertz and Clear have named the partnership "Fast Lane." 

Use of this technology won't be available for everyone, however. The facial recognition is being presented as a perk for those customers with a rewards account with Hertz. If they want to rent a car with "Fast Lane," they simply need to show their face at the biometrics kiosk placed near the exit to check out, which will then match it to their drivers' license and registration information.

Hertz is promising that these customers will be finished with the entire process in 30 seconds or less. Though, to do all of that they will need to sign up for a Clear account beforehand.

“When you enroll you’re linking your identity to your fingerprint, your iris, your face. The ability to turn that on for Hertz in a plug and play way was simple," Caryn Seidman-Becker, CEO of Clear told Bloomberg News.

Clear is also responsible for some of the facial recognition check-ins that airports across the country are implementing. Of course Clear isn't alone in its embrace of facial recognition. Customs and Border Protection is also deploying facial recognition technology as part of the boarding process at some airports.