Gmail's Confidential Mode Now Available For Mobile

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It's not a perfect form of privacy, however.

When Google unveiled its updated version of Gmail in April, it included a new feature called Confidential mode.

The security feature used a form of disappearing messages. Users can put an expiration date in an email and even revoke emails they have previously sent.

While the initial rollout included both business and personal accounts, it will now be available for use on mobile devices, and that includes both iOS and Android devices.

While the feature is made to protect user privacy, it isn't fool-proof at keeping email away from prying eyes. Google itself has pointed out that while Confidential mode ensures that recipients can't forward, copy, print or download a confidential email, it also can't stop anyone from taking a screenshot of the message.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation also has a few qualms with Google's privacy feature, Engadget reports. In particular, the emails sent in Confidential mode are not encrypted end-to-end, an option available from other messaging services such as WhatsApp.

The non-profit also points out that messages that users set to expire, often hung around past their expiration date in the user's sent folder. In general, the feature might lull Gmail users into a false sense of security.

"We fear that Confidential Mode will make it less likely for users to find and use other, more secure communication alternatives," wrote EFF in a statement.