Amazon Can Now Deliver Packages To Your Car

Jeramey Lende/

You might want to clean out your trunk before you sign up.

Amazon is introducing a new way to deliver goodies to its customers. The company has created an app called Key-In-Car, that gives delivery drivers access to users' vehicles to quickly drop packages into the trunk and lock the vehicle after they leave.  

The app is a spin-off from Amazon Key, introduced in October, which lets delivery drivers use an app to access customers' homes to drop off packages.

The purpose of both apps is meant to reduce package theft from doorsteps and porches, as well as to protect packages from inclement weather. Though, in an Amazon tweet on Tuesday, the Key-in-Car service is also useful for planning birthday surprises: 

Technically anyone who is an Amazon Prime member can sign up for the Key-in-Car service, but it will only be available to people in the 37 cities where Amazon Key is currently available. And since the delivery drivers' app must sync with users' vehicles to be able to lock and unlock them, for now, the app only works for people with newer model vehicles from GM and Volvo. The company has said that more car models will be added over time, reported CNET.

The company has faced some backlash to the security risks involved in using Amazon Key, both physical and digital. Consumers will have to determine if they feel Key-in-Car is a safer option.