Nvidia Making Facial Recognition AI for Smart City Surveillance


Tech company Nvidia announced Thursday that it has partnered with AI developer Any Vision to bring a new type of surveillance technology to smart cities.

Both companies are working on bringing automatic facial recognition into closed-circuit television surveillance cameras, Mashable reports

According to Anyvision, the technology can continuously scan for faces 24/7, and automatically identify and track individuals with 99% accuracy. Then the systems algorithms, with the help of human monitors, will compare identified faces with criminal databases.The technology is also meant to be scalable across platforms, from smartphones to computers

This initiative is part of Nvidia's Metropolis program. The company has already partnered with Cisco, Genetec, Omni AI, and MotionLoft with the goal of bringing AI-powered surveillance technology to cities to help make them 'smarter'.

If and when this technology is implemented, the amount of sensitive, biometric data would be like a treasure chest for hackers. Though, Nvidia says it is fully committed to protecting personal data.