Repent Your Abuses of Eavesdropping Law, Lawmakers Tell Intel Agencies

House pols want change as agencies seek renewal of FISA’s Section 702.

Digital Authoritarianism Poses ‘Critical Threat’ to National Security, Intel Chief Says

The top U.S. intelligence official said democratic nations need to develop frameworks that “preserve, to the greatest extent, the promise” of emerging tech that could be used by repressive regimes to censor or surveil citizens.

CFPB Announces New Inquiry into Data Brokers

The financial regulatory agency wants to learn more about data brokers’ business operations, especially surrounding user experiences.

Chinese Spy Sentenced to 8 Years in Federal Prison

The foreign national intended to obtain U.S. citizenship and a security clearance in order to get a federal government cybersecurity position.

Legislators Renew Efforts to Protect Consumers from an Eavesdropping Fridge

The reintroduced bill asks the Federal Trade Commission to establish disclosure guidelines for smart devices and appliances that consumers would not expect to be recording them.

Chinese Firms Exporting Surveillance Tools Across the Globe, Report Says

A new report from the Atlantic Council said China is allowing government-affiliated companies to export surveillance technologies as part of an effort to expand its global influence.

Lawmakers Question DOJ’s National Security Division on Cybersecurity, Surveillance

The House Judiciary Committee raised concerns over  three hostile foreign actors that breached court systems in early 2020, in addition to questions about the surveillance of Americans.

Human Rights Advocate to Congress: Stop Federal Procurement of Commercial Spyware

The Intelligence Authorization Act, which recently cleared committee in the House, empowers—but does not require—the director of national intelligence to bar such acquisitions.

How NORAD Plans to Ward Off Cruise Missiles Fired at the US

The command has goals for 2025 and 2030, but wants more guidance from the Pentagon.

No, Submitting Junk Data to Period Tracking Apps Won’t Protect Reproductive Privacy

Reproductive privacy is not guaranteed.

Browser Cookies Make People More Cautious Online, Study Finds

Browser cookies don't make people as excited actual cookies.

Data From Friends and Strangers Show Where You Are

Movement patterns of people you know contain 95% of the information needed to predict your location.

Smart Devices Spy on You—2 Computer Scientists Explain how the Internet of Things can Violate Your Privacy

From home appliances to your vehicle, something's always watching you.

Moscow Retaliates as Online Giants Take Steps to Stem Disinformation

As Kremlin limits access to Twitter and Facebook, Western observers say the tech companies' moves are years late.