No, Submitting Junk Data to Period Tracking Apps Won’t Protect Reproductive Privacy

Reproductive privacy is not guaranteed.

Browser Cookies Make People More Cautious Online, Study Finds

Browser cookies don't make people as excited actual cookies.

ICE Has Assembled a 'Surveillance Dragnet' with Facial Recognition and Data, Report Says

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has used facial recognition to search through the driver's license photos of one in three adults in the U.S., according to a new report by Georgetown Law's Center on Privacy and Technology.

Data From Friends and Strangers Show Where You Are

Movement patterns of people you know contain 95% of the information needed to predict your location.

Smart Devices Spy on You—2 Computer Scientists Explain how the Internet of Things can Violate Your Privacy

From home appliances to your vehicle, something's always watching you.

Moscow Retaliates as Online Giants Take Steps to Stem Disinformation

As Kremlin limits access to Twitter and Facebook, Western observers say the tech companies' moves are years late.

School Surveillance of Students Via Laptops May Do More Harm than Good

School laptop surveillance systems monitor students even when they’re not in school.

Facebook Can Sue Israel’s NSO Group, Appeals Court Says

The case against the NSO Group appears to scratch the surface of problematic commercial hacking tools sold at arms markets, which the U.S. government has only just begun trying to control.

CISA Warns of Vulnerabilities in Banned Chinese Surveillance Tech

The Federal Communications Commission is set to vote on tightening its national security reviews of foreign suppliers.

Facial Recognition Tech Use Increasing Among Federal Agencies

Use cases included criminal investigations, building security and access to digital assets like smartphones and security agency websites.

What Is Pegasus? A Cybersecurity Expert Explains How the Spyware Invades Phones and What It Does When It Gets In

Since 2019, Pegasus users have been able to install the software on smartphones with a missed call on WhatsApp.

Lawmakers Renew Effort to Ban Federal Agencies from Using Facial Recognition Tech

The reintroduced bill would prohibit agencies from using biometric tech and block federal funds for biometric surveillance systems.

South Korea to Add Robots-on-Rails and AI Surveillance to DMZ Border

The demilitarized zone between North and South Korea will be getting new surveillance technologies in the coming months, Korean news outlets report.

No Domestic Surveillance Authorities Needed, NSA Director Reiterates

Instead, Gen. Paul Nakasone and other intelligence community leaders want better public-private partnerships to address “blind spots” in the cyber realm.