How to Recycle Your Old Tech


Almost everything can be recycled. Even that mysterious cord that goes to nothing.

With 2018 still being relatively new, you may be in the mood to organize and declutter your home. But when it comes to tech and electronics, you can't always just throw those items in the trash can. Nor can you simply chuck them in the recycling bin along with paper, cardboard and cans.

But here's what you can do.

First, try recycling with the manufacturer. Apple, Dell and Samsung all offer recycling programs. Some manufacturers even offer gift cards or store credit in exchange for your recycled items.

It's not just smartphones and tablets that can be recycled. Power cords and rechargeable batteries can go to recycling kiosks at stores like Best Buy and Staples. LED bulbs that contain mercury can be taken to Home Depot or Ikea.

If you have a gadget and you're still stumped on how to best dispose of it, try Recycle Where. Enter in your zip code and the item in question, and the site will tell you where you can take it.

To do an extra bit of good with your recycled tech, try Medic Mobile or Free Geek. Both organizations take electronics and refurbish them for their projects.

To learn more, check out the video below from CNET