One Day You, Too, Could Fly a Jetpack

Jetpack Aviation

Jetpacks are flying off the movie screen and into reality.

Company Jetpack Aviation is just one of the startups dabbling in the sci-fi technology. Company CEO David Maimon used its prototype, the JB9, to fly around the Statue of Liberty in 2015.

One lucky civilian, blogger and engineer Mischa Pollack, won a chance to try it out for himself.

Like any other aircraft or mode of transport, there is a learning curve. Maneuvering the jet pack is difficult first, and unfortunately, there's no real driver's ed for jetpacks.

Another thing to watch out for? The exhaust gas coming out of the pack. While in the air, it disperses, but while hovering close to the ground, it can accumulate around the user's feet and heat up very quickly.

If you're interested in flying this device yourself one day, you can learn more about the company here.

To watch the jetpack in action, check out the video below from CNET