Podcast: How the Government is Putting Artificial Intelligence to Work

Christian Lagerek/Shutterstock.com

While the private sector puts AI to use in eye-catching projects, the government is taking a different path.

In the private sector, artificial intelligence has grown leaps and bounds, finding roles in the self-driving cars hitting the roads and Google's AlphaGo system. But how is government using AI technology?

Nextgov's Executive Editor Camille Tuutti sat down to discuss advances in AI with the "What's Working in Washington" podcast.

While agencies like DARPA have invested in AI technology for cyber defense purposes, many government organizations are tapping automation for more routine purposes.

"For many years, people have been thinking about artificial intelligence as something out of 'Terminator,' the movie," Tuutti said. "What's happening at agencies now, it's on a very basic level. It comes down to automating processes and using AI for things like chatbots."

To learn more, listen to the podcast episode here