Artificial Intelligence, Tech and Tequila: Come Hang with Us

Brent Hofacker/

Learn how the government plans to deal with artificial intelligence.

We’re hosting our sixth Tech & Tequila meetup Thursday on how government is dealing with artificial intelligence, from both the policy and practical use perspectives.

If you haven’t signed up yet, get to it and dress down; we’re hosting it at The Capitol View at 400’s open rooftop and the weather calls for sunshine and temps in the 90s.

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We’ll feature Lynne Parker, the National Science Foundation’s director of Information and Intelligent Systems division, which is located with the Information Science and Engineering directorate; Nishita Henry, technology strategy and innovation principal at Deloitte, and Reuben Sarkar, deputy assistant secretary for sustainable transportation at the Energy Department. 

Parker will sound off on the White House’s request for information regarding how the government ought to prepare for the future of AI. It has gotten hundreds of pages of comments from the RFI, and she’ll discuss them, as well as handle your questions.

Henry will discuss more practical uses of AI, such as enabling workforce productivity and improved virtual training. Think mechanics remotely fixing things using Google Glass and you’re on to what Henry is going to chat about.

Sarkar will discuss what Energy's national labs have been up to on the AI front, as well as the ramifications for connected and automated vehicles. 

It’ll be fun, and the drinks are free, so sign up, show up and cap your Thursday off with Nextgov.