Video: An Inflatable Bouncy Castle in Space

Bigelow Aerospace | Facebook

This gives new meaning to the term "Moon Bounce."

On April 8, in partnership with Bigelow Aerospace, SpaceX will launch what is basically an inflatable bouncy castle to the International Space Station. The hope is that it will one day house both astronauts and tourists.

The bouncy prototype, known as the Bigelow expandable Activity Module, or BEAM, will attach to the ISS for two years.

Astronauts aboard the ISS will press a button to inflate the BEAM to its full size. Later on, astronauts will inhabit the space for a few hours at a time, to gather data on the bouncy room's safety for humans.

If this experiment goes well, Bigelow and SpaceX might one day place bouncy castles across the solar system.

To learn more, check out the video below from Wired