Planned Next-Gen Satellites Can Help Address Extreme Weather Challenges, Officials Say

A Wednesday hearing explored the capabilities of the new GeoXO satellites to provide better data for weather forecasting and modeling.

Critical Update: Gaming the (Solar) System

Advances in virtual reality and graphics processing have led NASA to partner with gamers on the path to preparing astronauts for a mission to Mars.

NASA, FCC Address Growing Issue of Orbital Debris

The agencies are respectively funding research to study this issue and proposing new rules to reduce debris in space.

NASA Needs to Improve Artemis Mission Guidance, Watchdog Says

The report found that NASA is following scheduling intended for individual programs, rather than full-blown missions.

Critical Update: How NASA Might One Day Send Humans Into Outer Space

NASA futurist Michael LaPointe joins the podcast to talk about what it will take—in technology, time and treasure—to get a human out of our solar system.

NASA Awards SpaceX $1.4B for Five More Missions

The addition brings SpaceX’s total contract value to more than $4.9 billion.

Artemis I Launch Scrubbed Following Engine Issues

The soonest the next launch could occur is Friday, if the engine bleed issues are addressed.

Critical Update: Where the Final Frontier Meets Your Front Door

NASA invents a lot of cool and cutting edge technology to make space exploration possible—tech that often ends up pretty close to home as well.

NASA Authorization Act Aims to Strengthen U.S. Space Exploration

The NASA Authorization Act was passed as part of the CHIPS Act and is the first authorization bill for NASA in five years.

These Are the Agencies Federal Employees Are Leaving at the Highest Rates

After jumping during the pandemic, the government's overall attrition rate has stabilized.

Webb Proves a Remarkable Technological Successor to Hubble

The first pictures NASA released from the James Webb Space Telescope demonstrate—in brilliant color—the advancements made in the technology.

NASA to Release First Images From James Webb Telescope

The space agency will get an assist from President Joe Biden, too.

NASA Wants to Expand Data Sharing With Space Force and Commercial Partners

The space agency's chief data officer explained the importance of making information exchanges a more consistent part of NASA culture.