This Isn’t the Big Telescope Debut NASA Imagined

The James Webb Space Telescope, the long-awaited successor to Hubble, is mired in controversy over its namesake.

NASA’s Planning a New Initiative to Train People How to Make Use of Its Space Data

A NASA initiative aims to teach the public how to effectively use open-source tools and software to answer data-centered questions on their own.

NASA’s Artemis Astronauts Could Catch a New Ride to the Launchpad

The space agency is in the market for a zero-emission vehicle that can fit at least eight, plus their gear.

Swarms May Offer Next Level Artificial Intelligence

NASA wants to push the concept of swarm intelligence to new heights.

Jeff Bezos Needs NASA to Listen to Him

NASA picked SpaceX to build its lunar lander, but the Amazon billionaire really, really wants the job too.

NASA Wants Industry to Build Next-Generation Space Stations  

The space agency is looking to industry to design and build destinations in space that can be used for tourism and science-based missions.

Spacesuits and Lawsuits Put 2024 Moon Landing in Jeopardy

Two lunar-exploration spacesuits won’t be ready, a new report says, while bid protests have held up work on the lander.

The Day the Space Station Lurched

A recent arrival at the International Space Station created a little too much excitement.

NASA Turns to Edge Computing to Protect ISS Astronauts from Contamination

A microbiologist said the emerging technology will be vital to the space agency’s future exploration.

Mars Helicopter Continues to Soar with Open-Source Software

One of the truly amazing things about Ingenuity is that it’s built from commercially available hardware parts and runs on free, open-source software.

How 3D Printing with Moonrock-Like Material Could Lead to New Space Habitats

New research could also mark a milestone for a sophisticated device that already resides beyond Earth.

NASA Ranks as the Best Place to Work in Government for Ninth Year

The federal government still has “a lot of work to do to improve its competitiveness with the private sector as an employer of choice,” head of the nonprofit that released the rankings says. 

NASA’s Modern Missions Lean on Emerging Tech 

The agency’s CDO reflected on how AI, machine learning and automation are being increasingly operationalized.