International Space Station Launches AI Program to Test Astronaut Gloves

Spaceborne Computer-2 is providing insights in real-time, just months after it was delivered to the ISS, Nextgov confirmed.

Astronomy’s 10-year Wish List: Big money, Bigger Telescopes and the Biggest Questions in Science

The world's top astronomers have sent the federal government their priority wish list.

The Next Big Quantum Leap May Require Better Software

The raw power of increasingly advanced quantum computers could necessitate advances in software to make sense of the noise.

Opinion: Is There a Place For Spirituality in Space Science?

A top NASA official’s biblical remarks about the James Webb Space Telescope sparked an outcry. But they’re nothing new.

Alexa, Webex headed to the moon

Custom-built versions of Amazon's Alexa digital voice assistant and Cisco's Webex video collaboration software will be tested on NASA's unmanned Orion spacecraft as it travels to the moon and back.

NASA Bringing Bioprinting Technology To Space Station

The space agency is furthering bioprinting as a safe method for healing wounds in outer space.

Nine in 10 NASA Employees Are Vaccinated, But More Than 1,100 Are Seeking Exemptions

Unvaccinated employees say they're at their "dream jobs," but feel strongly enough to "upend" their lives.

NASA’s Planning a New Initiative to Train People How to Make Use of Its Space Data

A NASA initiative aims to teach the public how to effectively use open-source tools and software to answer data-centered questions on their own.

NASA’s Artemis Astronauts Could Catch a New Ride to the Launchpad

The space agency is in the market for a zero-emission vehicle that can fit at least eight, plus their gear.

Swarms May Offer Next Level Artificial Intelligence

NASA wants to push the concept of swarm intelligence to new heights.

NASA Wants Industry to Build Next-Generation Space Stations  

The space agency is looking to industry to design and build destinations in space that can be used for tourism and science-based missions.