The Moon Is Open for Business

Commercial companies are proposing lunar missions at a pace the world hasn’t seen since the Apollo program.

Google’s New Tool to Fight Climate Change

The company will begin estimating local carbon pollution from cities around the world.

NASA’s Beloved Mars Rovers Are Having a Rough Year

One was felled by a dust storm. And now the other has been sidelined by a technical glitch.

NASA’s First Female Chief Spaceflight Director is Holly Ridings

Ridings will lead all human spaceflight missions from Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

A Tiny Hole in the Soyuz Spacecraft Could Be a Huge Headache for NASA

This puts more pressure on Boeing and SpaceX to fly astronauts.

For First Time in 3 Years, NASA Is Shopping For New Spacecraft

At first, NASA officials didn’t think they’d see anything new in commercial spacecraft this year. Now they’re taking a second look.

NASA Is Running a 3D Printing Competition to Design Homes on Mars

The idea is to send a robot to Mars to autonomously print a habitat for the arrival of astronauts.

Inside NASA's Cold Atom Lab

Astronauts are studying some very chilly atoms.

Who Should Pay for the Mistakes on NASA’s Next Big Telescope?

The space agency has always coughed up the extra cash, but some politicians wonder if the contractor responsible for major errors should pitch in.