NASA Needs Better International Cooperation Framework for Artemis Missions, IG Says

The watchdog made 10 recommendations to the agency to improve international collaboration and help reduce costs.

NASA Spent $35 Million on ‘Wasteful’ Software Licenses and Fees, Report Says

NASA’s current software management operations put it years away from achieving a centralized and consolidated enterprise computing model, according to its inspector general.

‘Very Realistic’ That Humans Will be on Mars in 20 Years, NASA Official Says

Under the Artemis program, the agency will use lunar missions to prepare for further exploration to Mars.

Data from NASA’s Space-Based Tech Used to Spot CO2 Emission Sources

Observations from NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 and 3 missions were used to pinpoint carbon dioxide emissions from one coal power plant.

NASA Names Longtime Aerospace Industry Expert as New Chief Technologist

With prior experience from companies like Blue Origin, A.C. Charania will take on the agencywide role to spearhead technology innovation.

NASA Science Directorate Wants Help Prioritizing What Digital Resources It Should Open-Source First

NASA Science Mission Directorate wants to know what data, software and computing resources the public research community wants access to the most.

2022 Year in Review: The Interviews

Five of our favorite recorded interviews from the year.

How Government is Dealing With Flying Space Junk

Space junk, or orbital debris, has become a topic of increasing interest among several agencies and Congress.

NASA’s Out of This World Tech Advancements in 2022 

This year the agency tackled big and small ways to innovate on the moon and beyond.

NASA Looks to Re-Boost Satellite Orbits with Hubble Serving as a Model

Moving Hubble into a higher orbit will serve as an example of what the agency is looking to do for satellites in the future. 

NASA Awards $517M Contract for its Financial Management System

The contract will help the agency streamline financial elements of its missions, programs and projects.

House Lawmakers Introduce Legislation on Space Situational Awareness

The bill will fund Commerce Department capabilities and NASA research and development on space situational awareness, which can help identify and locate satellites or orbital debris in current and future locations.

Future Astronaut Suits Could Feature Augmented Reality

NASA is eyeing the technology to address communication delays with Earth and help astronauts with decision making.

NASA Test New Robotic Arm System Functional in Minus 280 Degrees Fahrenheit

The new technology will allow it to operate without a heat source in “extreme cryogenic environments.”

NASA Awards $57M Contract to Build Roads on the Moon

The award will go toward developing technologies to build infrastructure like landing pads and roads on the surface of the moon.

NASA Doubles Down on Gaming

NASA's videogames serve multiple purposes.

NASA CAPSTONE Spacecraft Paves Way for Future Artemis Missions

The spacecraft is testing an orbit that will be important for future Artemis missions, while demonstrating new tech capabilities.