Bipartisan bill seeks to grow NASA program using drones to fight wildfires

New legislation attempts to improve NASA’s Advanced Capabilities for Emergency Response to Operations program so firefighters can more effectively use drones.

NASA delivers Voyager software update across 15 billion miles of space

Scientists and engineers with the space agency were able to successfully repair an issue in one of the probe’s onboard computers from over 15 billion miles away.

NASA releases first official scientifically focused tabletop roleplaying adventure

The module’s creator wanted to build a role-playing adventure that blended traditional gaming elements with the kinds of science and education that NASA projects are well-known for having.

Lawmaker seeks to give NASA funding flexibility on interagency research efforts

Legislation from Rep. Eric Sorensen, D-Ill., would allow agencies to transfer funding to NASA to jointly partner on scientific or engineering projects.

NASA needs to refocus on supercomputing to keep pace in space, watchdog says

The space agency “needs a renewed commitment and sustained leadership attention” to enhance its overburdened and vulnerable high-end computing assets.

Proposed contractor cyber reporting rule sets a ‘significantly problematic’ bar, industry groups say

The groups, which represent tech and cybersecurity companies sometimes contracted by the government, say the proposals are too rigorous and inconsistent.

Agencies have over 1,200 AI uses planned or in operation, watchdog finds

The massive GAO report found that some agencies — like NASA and the Department of Commerce — have made major investments in artificial intelligence, while others struggled to meet federal requirements.

Driving innovation from the middle

COMMENTARY | NASA's Jennifer Elkins is an example of how senior civil servants can affect change in large organizations.

NASA celebrates winners of second MarsXR virtual reality astronaut training competition

Most of the winning scenarios enabled players to be scored like in a video game based on their crew’s effectiveness in completing each challenge.

NASA probes quantum tech for sensing applications

NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy said the space agency is leveraging quantum-based technologies, like sensing, to better study space and climate change.

NASA seeks industry input on SEWP contract update

NASA is calling for feedback on a draft request for proposals for the latest iteration of its popular governmentwide acquisition contract that helps agencies quickly get their hands on emerging technologies.

How NASA, NOAA and AI might save the internet from devastating solar storms

Coronal mass ejections that can occur during the solar maximum are electrically charged, meaning they can easily destroy electrical and computer equipment.

NASA officials discuss plans for the pending launch of their new NASA+ streaming network

The agency will offer regular programs and shows, as well as lots of new and original content.

NASA’s new manned spacecraft estimated to ready by March, officials say

The agency is working with Boeing to remediate two issues with the Starliner spacecraft ahead of an anticipated crew flight test, but a specific launch date remains uncertain.

Most Americans support NASA – but don’t think it should prioritize sending people to space

COMMENTARY | The United States’ most visible effort to maintain world leadership in space is arguably its Artemis Program to land humans on the Moon by late 2024.

65 years of NASA – an astrophysicist reflects on the agency’s legacy

NASA’s missions have inspired generations of young people to pursue the sciences.

Space Race 2.0: How the government is rapidly adopting next-gen space tech

From humankind’s first-ever lunar space station to an unmanned test-bed for emerging technologies that lives in space, the government is using innovative techniques to buy and build the next generation of space technology.