Video: Intel Wants to Personalize the Internet of Things

Ken Wolter/

You'll soon be able to connect more with the Internet of Things.

Maker of advanced computer chips, Intel, hopes to bring the personal back to personal computing. At its developer conference this week in San Francisco, the company unveiled a variety of products that are not only a part of the growing Internet of Things, but interact with users in new, more personal ways.

The sensor-filled Nabi Seat Clip attaches to a child's car seat and connects to the parents' smartphone via Bluetooth. If parents walk too far out of range while the clip is still locked, an alarm notification is sent to the smartphone, hopefully ensuring baby is never accidentally left in the car.

Intel has also developed RealSense cameras that can detect depth and other 3-D information to help customize further the user experience.

The Memomi Mirror fashion app is both a mirror and a digital screen that lets users customize the outfit they're wearing with just a tap. Users will soon be able to test it out at select Neiman Marcus stores around the country.

Additionally, certain vending machines could predict your snack preferences based on hand movements. Beginning in 2016, 5,000 machines will incorporate the RealSense camera and will recognize body gestures to allow for hands-free selection of tasty treats.

To see these products in action, check out the video below from CNET

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