How Much Data Does Apple Have On You? Here's How to Find Out

Chayantorn Tongmorn/

Recent scandals have revealed just how much data is being collected on us by various tech companies. Android users especially had a wakeup call regarding the extent of location tracking and data scraping that was being conducted by Google and Facebook.

But how much data are iPhone users giving up to Apple? ZDnet did an investigation and found that while Apple hosts a ton of data about you, it's mostly metadata as opposed to actual content.

If you're curious about exactly what Apple has on you, getting that information is a lengthier process than determining what kind of information Facebook and Twitter have gathered on you, which takes just a few minutes.

Apple users who are interested need to make an online request to the company. To do that, start by going to From there, select the "I Have a Question" menu and then select "Privacy Issues." That should bring up a form, which you should fill out and include a sentence about how you are requesting a record of the data Apple has on you.

You should receive an email shortly from Apple's privacy team requesting more information, including your Apple ID and any registered product serial numbers. Soon after that you should receive a link and a login that lets you download .XLXS file. This file will contain multiple spreadsheets filled with data all about how your interact with your Apple devices.