Nextgov Ebook: Tech Revolutions: Open Source and the Internet of Things

Igor Normann/Shutterstock

This ebook features two more recent Tech + Tequila themes: open source and the internet of things.

Nextgov's meetup series Tech + Tequila has been an opportunity for government and private sector technologists to explore hot topics in federal IT together in a casual setting—with cocktails. Aug. 25 marks our sixth event, and we’ll be discussing artificial intelligence. Is there anything more top of mind than a robot uprising?

In all seriousness, Tech + Tequila has tackled some awesome topics: data, cybersecurity and emerging tech. This ebook features two more recent Tech + Tequila themes: open source and the internet of things.

On Aug. 8, the White House unveiled the final policy that requires agencies to share 20 percent of their custom-created source code. When the draft framework was announced back in March, some critics said it didn't go far enough and argued for a more sweeping “open source by default” framework. Another dissenting voice said the policy would add "more layers of confusion."

The government also has seen its challenges with the internet of things. How should it handle a new world of connectivity? And how does it address the myriad security concerns in a world physical results? This ebook will look at all these issues and explore both the opportunities and challenges that open source and IoT bring. 

Download the Tech Revolutions: Talks from Tech + Tequila ebook here.