Democrats Just Filed a Lawsuit Accusing the Trump Campaign of Helping Russia Disrupt the 2016 Election

Jorge Silva/AP File Photo

The Democratic party is also suing Russia's armed forces and WikiLeak's Julian Assange.

The Democratic party is suing Russia and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign over what they are calling a “brazen attack on American Democracy.”

The lawsuit, filed by the Democratic National Committee on Friday in federal court, lays out the opposition party’s version of Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. election. According to it, the Trump campaign was not only aware of Russian efforts to attack opponent Hillary Clinton with stolen information from the DNC’s servers, but conspired to profit from them.

“Rather than report these repeated messages that Russia intended to interfere with U.S. elections, the Trump campaign and its agents gleefully welcomed Russia’s help,” it says.

Foreign countries usually have immunity in American courts, but the Democrats argue that in this case Russia is not entitled to it because its agents committed a crime in the U.S. by hacking into the DNC’s systems. Russia’s armed forces, WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, Donald Trump Jr., and Trump adviser Paul Manafort are also among the long list of defendants.

The 55-page lawsuit details the role each allegedly played in the alleged conspiracy to derail the Clinton presidential bid. Read the entire document here