What Lurks Beneath the Everyday Web


Have you ever been curious about what lies beneath the internet we use every day? Perhaps you've heard of the deep web and the dark web and aren't sure of the difference?

Everything that can be found on a search engine like Google and Bing falls under the category of the "surface web." It's easily accessible and you're probably familiar with it. 

The "deep web" is out of reach from search engines. These are sites that require special software or a login to access. You most likely encounter the deep web when you log into your bank account or look at your online medical records.

The "dark web" is more difficult to access, as a standard web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox can't take you there. Instead, you need to use a browser like Tor, which is designed to shield the identity of its users. Sites on the dark web use unusual domain names like '.onion' and run on hard to track cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Using the dark web isn't just for illegal activity (though it is commonly used for that) but can also be a tool for anyone trying to avoid surveillance.

To learn more, check out the video below from CNET