At High-Risk for Being Hacked? Google Offers Special Security Program.


Some users might want to stay extra safe.

Everyone should try to stay as safe as possible online, as everyone is at risk of falling victim to a hack and almost  everyone has been hacked. All tech users should create strong passwords, use two-factor authentication and be smart about what they download.

But there are some people who are more likely to draw a hacker's attention because of their jobs working with sensitive information or their high level of fame. Google has decided it wants to do something about it and has introduced an extra layer of security it's calling the Advanced Protection Program.

To start, users will need a physical security key, which usually is a small USB device, to sign into their accounts. "They use public-key cryptography and digital signatures to prove to Google that it’s really you."

Google will also limit access to Gmail and Drive accounts to only other Google apps, this could prevent a third-party app from stealing personal information. The program also has a way of combating social engineering, as there will be "additional reviews and requests" if you or anyone claims to be locked out of the account.

Currently, the program is only available for personal Google accounts as opposed to accounts belonging to organizations, but anyone with a personal Google account can enroll, meaning you don't need to prove that you're famous or special to get these protections.

These protections might be a pain to use, but they could easily be worth it if they keep sensitive safe and secure. Learn more here.