Digital Rights Group Plans to Publicize Lawmakers who Oppose Internet Privacy Rules


The House plans to vote on the controversial measure Tuesday.

A digital rights advocacy group that has launched unconventional public relations campaigns to defeat controversial internet legislation in the past plans to purchase billboards publicizing which lawmakers voted to remove new internet privacy rules imposed on service providers.

A mockup of the Fight for the Future-funded billboard declares “They betrayed you,” followed by a list of senators who voted Thursday to repeal the privacy rules.

If approved by the House, that joint resolution would repeal Obama-era Federal Communication Commission rules barring internet service providers from selling or sharing information about customers’ web habits for advertising or other purposes.

The House is scheduled to vote on the measure Tuesday.

Industry groups say the rules are unfair because similar rules are not imposed on web giants such as Google and Facebook, which are not regulated by FCC.

Internet advocates, however, say the rules are a common sense protection for citizens’ privacy.

“Congress should know by now that when you come for the internet, the internet comes for you,” Fight for the Future Campaign Director Evan Greer said in a statement, adding that “every lawmaker who votes to take away our privacy will regret it come election day.”

Fight for the Future previously organized a campaign urging opponents of cybersecurity information sharing legislation to fax their members of Congress—a dig at the lawmakers’ supposed lack of internet savvy.

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