Hackers Mine DVRs for Bitcoin, Raid Liquor Stores and Target Web TV Watchers

Ted S. Warren/AP File Photo

Just another week in ThreatWatch, our regularly updated index of noteworthy data breaches.

In case you missed our coverage this week in ThreatWatchNextgov’s regularly updated index of cyber breaches:

Security camera DVRs make for stupid bitcoin miners

Hackers have been infecting recording devices to steal processing power for making the virtual currency.

Texas liquor chain waited a year and a half to say anything about customer data breach

Banking information on over half a million customers might have been compromised at Spec's alcohol stores statewide.

Personal data on 158,000 online TV watchers leaked

Hackers crept into a forum for users of Boxee.tv, and then dumped member names, email addresses, message histories and partially protected passwords.

Hacked Pinterest accounts blast butt photos

Users of the picture-sharing site reported that their feeds also were being used to post weight loss spam.

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