ThreatWatch is a snapshot of the data breaches hitting organizations and individuals, globally, on a daily basis.

It is not an authoritative list, since many compromises are never reported or even discovered. Read more Collapse

The information is based on accounts published by outside news organizations and researchers.

We have tried to provide you with a sample of the most prevalent and interesting cyber events. Each incident chronicled includes the suspected attackers' methods of penetration and apparent target to help highlight patterns of activity and emerging threats. The records are limited to episodes where data actually was compromised. These are not accounts of new viruses, spam, or malicious email campaigns that might lead to breaches.

Some of the events cited are more damaging than portrayed, while others may later turn out not to be hacks at all: as you’ll see, the number of people affected is one of the hardest measures to track.

About the map: The global map visualizes real-time malicious activity data captured by sensors used by the experimental Honeynet Project, an international non-profit security research organization dedicated to investigating the latest attacks and developing open source tools to improve Internet security. The green dots indicate the geographic locations of outgoing malicious activity. The map represents only some of the activity detected at any given time because not all of the project's sensors push their data.

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