Outgoing OPM CIO Takes Michigan’s Top Tech Position


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David DeVries heads to state government.

Weeks after announcing he would resign his role as the chief information officer at the Office of Personnel Management, David DeVries has been appointed as the state of Michigan’s CIO and Technology, Management and Budget director.

The appointment was announced Wednesday by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.

“Michigan is recognized across the nation as a leader in IT and government management,” DeVries said in a statement. “I am excited for the opportunity to work with Governor Snyder, the entire Michigan team, and industry and academic partners to continue efforts to make Michigan government the most efficient and effective in the country, and increase the important capability of improving secure information sharing across all sectors."

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DeVries spent about one year as OPM’s CIO, helping the agency patch up its systems following a 2015 hack that exposed personal information of more than 20 million federal employees and contractors. Auditors at the Government Accountability Office noted progress at OPM but called out significant failures in a recent report. For example, the agency did not encrypt high-value personnel data at rest or data in transit.

Prior to his tenure as OPM CIO, DeVries served as principal deputy CIO for the Defense Department.

DeVries last day with OPM is Sept. 2.