Yes, The Security Clearance Backlog is Getting Worse

The Government Accountability Office also found there's not a plan to reverse it.

OPM Reminds Agencies to Identify Cyber Workforce Needs

The personnel office nudged agencies to finish coding cybersecurity job descriptions as part of an ongoing workforce assessment.

The Government’s Struggle to Hire Young Tech Talent is Worse Than You Thought

There’s only one under-30 IT specialist working in agencies for every four who are over 60 years old.

Senate Bill Seeks $1.8 Billion for DHS’ Cyber Mission

The funding includes $731 million to maintain and upgrade the cybersecurity of federal computer networks.

Feds Can Hire Short-Term Tech Talent for Modernizing

Office of Personnel Management announced a hiring authority would let agencies fill positions for up to a year.

GSA, OPM Nominees Pledge to Build Public Trust Through Open Data Programs

Emily Webster Murphy, GSA administrator nominee, pledged to expand open data programs while Jeff Pon, OPM director nominee, said he promised to ramp up information security efforts.

Lawmakers Want Answers on 'Unacceptable' Security Clearance Backlog

OPM and Defense Department argue over which is better able to oversee the clearance process.

Former Maryland CIO Steps in as OPM CIO

David Garcia replaces Dave DeVries, who left the federal government for Michigan.

Judge Tosses OPM Breach Lawsuits, Plaintiffs Appeal

Breached employees can’t show they were actually damaged, the federal judge said.

White House Fills Key Buying, Budget Positions

The administration nominated General Services Administration and Office of Personnel Management leaders, as well as other positions.

GSA Issues Harvey-Related Emergency Buying Power

Federal agencies continue loosening rules for buying, hiring and even donating to help respond to the Harvey disaster.

Lawmakers Question How to Best Protect Data Breach Victims

House lawmakers want the Government Accountability Office to determine better ways to protect victims whose personal information is exposed.

OPM Names Acting CIO

The agency's deputy CIO will step up to lead agency technology efforts.

After Huge Hack, OPM Still Hasn't Learned Its Lesson

The Government Accountability Office found OPM is taking greater risks with its systems and data than it should.

OPM Confirms Digital Personnel Files Offline Until End of Month

The online files will be accessible in read-only mode until then, the agency says.

Senator Seeks Answers on Poor IT Vetting at OPM

Two years after a major breach, a recent audit found OPM rushed through security reviews and one lawmaker wants to know why.

2 Years After Massive Breach, OPM Isn’t Sufficiently Vetting IT Systems

The personnel agency isn’t adequately testing the security of its local and wide area networks, an auditor found.

Agencies Struggle to Stop Using Social Security Numbers as Identifiers

Ten years after agencies were to limit using SSNs, they've seen "limited success," GAO said.