White House Issues New Guidance on Category Management

Obama-era move toward pooled agency purchasing is updated to reduce duplication.

OPM Looks to Expand Pilot Programs That Teach Federal Employees New Skills

New pay study will be "additive," not replace existing compensation comparison efforts, acting director says.

Automation Will Be a Requirement of a Shrinking Workforce, Not Its Cause, Officials Say

While the budget focuses on reducing headcount, officials said that isn’t the goal of pushing more automation.

Miscategorized Tech Jobs May Hinder Agency Efforts to Fill Critical Vacancies

The Government Accountability Office found agencies assigned a non-IT code to more than 15,000 IT positions.

Trump Taps Former Labor Board Chairwoman to Lead OPM

Dale Cabaniss previously led the Federal Labor Relations Authority and spent more than 20 years overseeing civil service issues in the Senate.

The Security Clearance Process Is About to Get Its Biggest Overhaul in 50 Years

Intelligence and human capital officials are about to make the rounds to show off Trusted Workforce 2.0, a framework to completely change how the government makes security clearance determinations.

OPM Wants Agencies to Show Their Work on Management Agenda Tech and Data Goals

Annual human capital reviews are coming and agencies have to show progress meeting the administration’s workforce, tech and data priorities.

OPM Awards $416M Contract for Protection Services to Hack Victims

The millions of federal employees and contractors using those services will see no disruption.

OPM Announces Change In IT Leadership

The government’s human resources department is getting a new CIO and deputy.

Work on Security Clearance Backlog Continues Through Shutdown

While OPM is closed, the National Background Investigations Bureau continues to chip away at its 600,000-case backlog.

Days Into the Shutdown, the Costs Are Mounting

The mortgage payments, school tuition and utility bills will keep coming, even if paychecks are disrupted.

Pentagon to Take Over All Security Clearances in Nine Months, Officials Say

The move will mean absorbing the National Background Investigations Bureau and its 2,000 employees.

Here's What You Need to Know About Wednesday's Government Closure

The day of mourning for President George H.W. Bush will be treated like a holiday for pay and leave purposes.

OPM to Rebid Identity Theft Protection Contract Affecting Millions of Hack Victims

The current contract, which cost the government $340 million over three years, is set to expire Dec. 31.

OPM is Still Far Behind on Data Protection Three Years After Devastating Breach

The agency hasn’t implemented one-third of an auditor’s cybersecurity recommendations.