Video: These High-Tech Glasses Help the Legally Blind See


Some wearables help people track how many steps they take in a day, but others can change lives entirely.

A special headset with a video camera, the eSight 3, lets people with certain types of blindness see things near and far.

"What it does is it uses a video camera to capture what's going on in front of someone in real time, allows the user to control how that video is processed, and then through a series of advanced optics and very high-resolution display, it presents that video image to the user in such a way that it overcomes in many cases the cause of their vision loss and allows them to see very well again," said Dr. Brian Mech, president and CEO of eSight.

The device is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, and its battery can last up to eight or nine hours per day.  At $10,000, however, the cost of the device is steep.

To see the eSight3 in action, check out the video below from CNET