Intel Researchers Explore Making Adaptive Computer Systems that Can Be Worn Like Comfy Clothes

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity wants information to accelerate the design of smart, responsive textiles.

DIU’s First 5G Experiment Could Be a Game-Changer for First Responders

The Defense Innovation Unit is prototyping portable—and wearable—networking tools with the California National Guard so they can connect anywhere.

To Make the Most of Exoskeletons, Training Really Matters

With practice, wearers might forget they're getting help.

Can Facebook’s Smart Glasses Be Smart about Security and Privacy?

How can someone know if the wearer is looking at you or looking at personal information about you?

DHS Wants Wearables to Track Employee Health at Work and at Home

The biometric tech will be used to help employees manage physical and mental health in high-stress mission areas.

Air Force Wants to Spot Potential Outbreaks in Personnel Sooner with Wearables

Top officials are also looking into data integration and digital traceability tools to help keep staff healthy.

Navy Expands Uniform Policy to Permit Fitness Trackers and Smartwatches

Such announcements are made when the need for standards revisions have been confirmed and approved by leadership.  

Body Cameras Help Monitor Police but Can Invade People's Privacy

Records laws allow many videos to end up on YouTube but few address how to deal with the personal information of those filmed.

Army to Equip First Unit With Augmented Reality Headsets By Fall

Top Army officials told Congress the first unit will be equipped with the Integrated Visual Augmentation System headsets by the first quarter of fiscal year 2022.

Army Outfits Paratroopers with Wearables to Gauge Stress 

It’s all part of collaborative research leveraging military-centered, biometric data.

Treasury Bureau to Outfit Onsite Employees with Contact-Tracing Wearables

The goal is to proactively prevent COVID-19 outbreaks within its facilities.

VA Partners with AT&T to Extend its 5G Experimentation

A fresh installation was many months in the making, officials explained.

Pentagon Targets Emerging Smart Technologies to Pilot in 2021

Companies are invited to apply to present relevant products during a solutions meeting next spring.

Researchers Sent ‘Smart Fabric’ Capable of Detecting Microscopic Vibrations to Space

The acoustic fabric, which could eventually be used in spacesuits and soldier uniforms, “bridges the physical and digital domains,” officials say. 

AFWERX Looks to Buy Thousands of COVID-19-Spotting Wearable Devices

The innovation unit is interested in accessing them in as quick as 60 days.