Navy Finalizes $248M Simulation R&D Award with Small Business

Mr. Cole Photographer

Work supports an integrated battlespace simulation and test department that also acts as a Navy center of excellence.

The Navy has finalized its award of a five-year, $248.2 million contract to small business American Electronics Warfare Associates for research-and-development work in the area of battlespace simulation.

The company will create tools, models and products for the integrated battlespace simulation and test department that is a part of the Naval Air Warfare Center's aircraft division. The Navy structured this contract as a small business set-aside and American Electronics Warfare Associates was the only company to submit a bid, the Pentagon said in its Friday awards digest.

A center of excellence for NAVAIR, the integrated battlespace simulation and test department's mission is to act as a point-of-entry for modeling and simulation of fleet battlespace environments. That work supports the research, development, test, evaluation and training of aviation systems.

That department operates a number of facilities containing both physical and simulated environments for putting test articles through a realistic combat environment.

Work will take place through May 2028.

American Electronic Warfare Associates is a Maryland-based small business primarily supporting the Defense Department with reearch and development efforts.