Research & Development

Biden Commits to Investing ‘Closer to 2%’ of GDP in Science Research

The president referenced infrastructure, immigration, quantum computing and much more in his first formal press conference.

DARPA Seeks to Improve Computer Vision in ‘Third Wave’ of AI Research

The advanced research office is preparing a solicitation for novel research into In Pixel Intelligent Processing as the next breakthrough in artificial intelligence.

Republican Lawmakers Push for Billions in Boosts to Science Agency Budgets

Their re-introduced bill also calls for a national S&T strategy—and new requirements, including a supply chain-tracking database.

FAA, Choctaw Nation to Conduct Drone Studies

The partnership will investigate moving goods at low altitudes and traits of human operators.

DARPA Building Special Chips for Data Privacy Protection

Fully Homomorphic Encryption is considered the “holy grail” of encryption. But right now it takes too much compute power to be used widely.

DARPA, In-Q-Tel to Help 150 Research Teams Take Tech from Labs to Production Over the Next Five Years

The expansion of the Embedded Entrepreneurship Initiative also marks its transition to a formalized program. 

FAA Names Five Host Airports to Test Counter-Drone Tech

The ultimate aim is to create national airport standards for drone detection and mitigation.

Air Force Base Prepping for EMP Vulnerability Tests

In response to a Trump administration executive order, Joint Base San Antonio is getting ready to test its infrastructure against a simulated electromagnetic pulse attack.

Critical Update: Who’s Afraid of EMPs?

Electromagnetic pulses are frequently boogeymen in pop culture but the federal government takes real steps to prepare for them. 

DARPA, Linux Foundation Partner to Advance 5G

A new agreement will create an open-source software ecosystem to support government technology research and development.

What Robots Need to Become Better Helpers

Hand, fingers and a sense of touch are tricky but may be essential for some robots' tasks.

Lawmakers Move to Push Forward Privacy-Enhancing Tech

The Promoting Digital Privacy Technologies Act would drive research into tools that can help protect personal data.

Research Center Preps for $35M Supercomputer to Study Earth as a Complex System

Funded by the National Science Foundation, the superfast machine is expected to launch in 2022.