Research & Development

House Lawmakers Say Energy’s Scientific Research Arm Needs More Funding

The request from nearly 20 Democratic lawmakers comes as the CHIPS Act hands down billions for technological innovation.

Energy Asks for New R&D in Critical Materials for Clean Energy

The Department of Energy launched its new request for information days after the passage of the CHIPS Act.

DOD Launches 6G R&D Center as it Eyes Transition to NextG Wireless Tech

The center will be part of the Department of Defense’s Innovative Beyond 5G Program and provide public and private sector collaboration on the emerging technology.

US-Japan will Set Up Next-Gen Semiconductor Research Hub

The United States and Japan will create an international research hub for next-generation semiconductors as part of ongoing efforts to secure the semiconductor supply chain and have greater security over the vital component.

Energy Awards $14 Million to Improve Climate Change Modeling

Data from the projects is expected to improve scientists’ understanding of the atmosphere.

US Frontier Supercomputer Named Fastest in the World

The Frontier exscale system has been in development by Department of Energy researchers since 2019.

Raytheon Technologies Invests in Hypersonic Aircraft Startup Hermeus

It’s the first investment by the aerospace and defense giant’s new venture arm.

IARPA previews busy research season

The agency’s long tech wish list includes capabilities that can predict human movement and new computing architectures to crunch its mountain of data.

DOD Announces Additional Funding for Science and Tech Research

The Supplemental Support for Research Trainees aims to offset disruption to PhD students’ scientific research initiatives caused by the pandemic.

Lawmakers Call for Free Access to Publicly Funded Scientific Research

Two senators asked the Office of Science and Technology Policy to help make federally-funded research free. 

DOE Gets Fresh Funding For Clean Energy Research

The Department of Energy could see up to $150 million for further research into clean energy sources. 

Defense Department Previews New Future-Facing Technology Aims

A fresh memorandum marks a key element informing the Pentagon’s in-development science and technology strategy.

Quantum Community Weighs In on New U.S.-U.K. Collaboration Agreement

Officials said the new joint agreement will make the nations collectively more competitive.

Air Force to Build New Center to Study and Enhance Directed Energy Capabilities

Experts expect the technology to play a major role in some future weapon systems.

Health Agency Seeks Feedback on Personal Protective Technology Hub

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health is looking for innovative ideas to maximize the protection different types of gear offers in different industry sectors. 

Are You Really Smart, or Is It Just Google?

“We’re seeing that people even forget that they googled a question,” a researcher said.