Research & Development

White House Launches Single Site for the Government’s Quantum-Focused Activities

It accompanies the release of a new report highlighting key areas to focus quantum research.

How a Government-Linked Foundation Could Speed the Spread of New Clean-Energy Technologies

A clean energy foundation could help innovations cross the valley of death.

Government Helps Design Tech to Improve Children’s Focus Amid Pandemic

Remote learning is more than just forcing your child to sit up and stare at the screen during online classes.

Lawmakers Outline How the Government Can Make AI Development Equitable

The federal government could open up its own research data to train systems and offer grants for educational opportunities to support artificial intelligence research.  

NIST Awards Millions in Innovation Funds for Projects on AI, Wildfire Forecasting—and Much More

Here are a few projects that received a financial boost through the Small Business Innovation Research program.

Congressional Report Spotlights AI, Emerging Technologies as Future of National Security

The House Armed Services Committee’s Future of Defense Task Force released its final report advocating for a revolution in how the U.S. approaches national security. 

Here Are the Major Differences Between Trump and Biden on Tech Issues

President Trump favors reducing government hurdles to usher in technology while rival Joe Biden favors an active government role in partnering with industry, according to a report.

A Language Generation Program's Ability to Write Articles, Produce Code and Compose Poetry Has Wowed Scientists

GPT-3 confirms what computer scientists have known for decades: Size matters.

U.S., Greece Formally Agree to Collaborate on Science and Technology

The nations hope to promote research and development activities across their collective agencies, universities, institutions, and private sector businesses.

CIA’s New Innovation Lab Could Mean Big Paydays for Federal Scientists

The agency is investing in cutting-edge technology and offering officials a chance to profit off their developments.

House Bill Proposes Millions to Build U.S. Quantum Network Infrastructure 

The legislation would establish an Energy Department-led “research, development and demonstration program.”

Steering Committee Named for NIST’s Quantum-Focused, Public-Private Consortium 

The announcement also follows the group’s establishment of a new, more formal membership structure.

Modern Space Missions Lead to Standing Joint NASA, DOE Coordinating Group

Senior Energy officials briefed Nextgov on a range of areas that present potential opportunities for the agencies to advance each other’s missions. 

Pentagon, Defense Contractors Are Out Of Step On Tech Innovation, GAO Finds

The Pentagon wanted to fund ambitious research into future tech breakthroughs but contractors spend most of their money on safer bets, GAO has found.

Air Force Seeking Research on Electronic Intelligence Tech

The Air Force Research Lab is looking for white papers outlining new technologies and methodologies for signal processing. 

Can AI Solve the Rare Earths Problem? Chinese and U.S. Researchers Think So

A research effort funded by China and the U.S. could speed up the discovery of new materials to use in electronics.