Industry: Include Agencies’ Approval of Cloud Service Providers in FISMA Metrics

GSA is working to measure timeline for agencies getting through the FedRAMP process, according to an official.

Emerging Tech

NOAA Launches Supercomputing Upgrade to Beef Up Weather Forecasts

The agency is replacing existing systems with two new, more powerful Cray computers.


NIST Expects to Create Privacy Guidelines for Smaller Organizations

National Institute of Standards and Technology Director Walter Copan offered insights in how the agency’s privacy framework came together and its future.

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Google Cloud's Sullivan Opens Up on Open Source, FEDRAMP High, and Security

Cloud computing has come a long way in just a few short years. Not long ago, government leaders wrung their hands over the risk of putting agency data in the cloud. Now, many can’t move to the cloud fast enough.


Presidential Advisers Set Timeline for Report on Options to Secure 5G Networks

Officials reaffirmed the administration’s view that software-defined networking is the best way to secure next-gen telecommunications.


One-Third of U.S. Residents Suspicious of Census, Survey Finds

As the political stakes become clearer, more states are trying to motivate residents to participate in the census this spring.

CIO Briefing

White House Tech Chief Calls Europe’s AI Principles Clumsy Compared to U.S. Approach

Analysts disagreed with the assessment, calling the EU white paper a good start for developing a risk-based approach to regulating artificial intelligence.


MITRE Piloting Evaluations to Validate Cybersecurity Firms’ Protection Claims 

The group will assess which firms can best detect and defend from adversaries that target banking transfers and ATMs.


What Can Barnstormers Teach Us about Face Recognition? 

New technologies and a lack of regulation cause real and imagined problems. 

IT Modernization

GAO Launches Upgraded, Mobile-Friendly Website

Agency officials hope it’ll increase users’ access to the watchdog’s work.

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5 Considerations for Successfully Integrating Connected Infrastructure

While advantageous, tapping emerging technologies isn’t as simple as just turning them on and putting them to work.


House Subcommittee Knocking at Amazon’s Door Over Ring Data

The chairman of a House Oversight panel wants a briefing with Amazon officials about the consumer security tool.


CISA Shares Details About Ransomware that Shut Down Pipeline Operator

One cybersecurity firm links the incident to a December attack on the Coast Guard.

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Emerging Tech

NOAA to Use Microsoft AI to Advance Protection of Endangered Species

The technology will help researchers determine ice seals from rocks and free up scientists from data notation.


One Month Out, Watchdog Warns About Census IT and Cybersecurity Challenges

The Census Bureau this month switched the internet response system that respondents will use to complete the 2020 census questionnaire. The last-minute change worries the Government Accountability Office.

Emerging Tech

Border Patrol Needs Automated Sensors to Cover Watery Blindspots

Homeland Security is looking for a technical solution to give border agents situational awareness about illegal watercraft and the potential risks of interdiction.

CIO Briefing

DHS to Waive Contracting Regulations to Speed Up Border Wall Construction

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf is using a 2005 law to override certain requirements.

Emerging Tech

DARPA Wants Research on Regrowing Human Organs

The research agency is asking for insight and novel approaches to spark organ regeneration in mammals.

Emerging Tech

Pentagon to Adopt Detailed Principles for Using AI

Sources say the list will closely follow an October report from a defense advisory board.