Digital Government

Help wanted: Regulators worldwide need tech expertise

As economies continue to digitize, governments say they need more technological expertise to evaluate companies and technology, as well as detect problems.

SSA needs funding to address its ‘customer service crisis,’ commissioner says

Applicants have to wait eight months on average for an initial disability decision.

NASA releases first official scientifically focused tabletop roleplaying adventure

The module’s creator wanted to build a role-playing adventure that blended traditional gaming elements with the kinds of science and education that NASA projects are well-known for having.

TMF, USDS hit with cuts in 2024 funding bill

The Technology Modernization Fund alone is slated for a $100 million clawback of American Rescue Plan Act funding under the appropriations package released Thursday.

Export control agency lacks funding and tech to manage its workload, official says 

The head of the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security gave lawmakers “an emphatic no” when asked if his office has the IT resources it needs to carry out its mission.

House Democrats say they’re still concerned with CBP One

The app is part of the administration’s push to encourage migrants to use legal pathways to enter the U.S.

Biden seeks more than $500M for CX in 2025 budget

New digital service teams and a focus on the "voice of the customer" are among the customer experience funding requests in the FY2025 budget request.

Supreme Court clarifies when public officials can block citizens on social media

The Supreme Court unanimously found in a pair of cases that whether a government official can block a constituent on their personal social media account hinges on if a post is a state action or is private conduct.

Tech questions at the border

Critics say the Customs and Border Protection app CBP One is glitchy and unfair to migrants.

IRS touts launch of Direct File pilot

The pilot, which allows eligible taxpayers to file directly with the IRS for free, marks a new free option from the IRS, which has for decades relied on private companies to field free options for Americans.

US, EU recommend protections for human rights defenders online

The U.S. State Department and the European Union released an approach for protecting human rights defenders from online attacks.

New bill aims to bring SNAP card security up to credit card standards

Security standards for SNAP cards have not kept pace with industry advancements, lawmakers say.


White House stalls on digital identity mandate, despite billions in fraud

President Biden previewed an executive order in his 2022 State of the Union meant to address identity theft and fraud in public benefit programs. As Biden gears up for his 2024 address, the order still hasn’t been released.

Lawmaker proposes strict transparency regime for GSA’s tech service

The new legislation comes in response to an ongoing House Oversight and Accountability Committee investigation into what Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas, described as an “unaccountable organization.”

CISA is still maintaining radio silence with social media as Super Tuesday kicks off

The lack of communication stems from an ongoing Supreme Court case that one top senator says Biden administration lawyers have been “too timid” in addressing.

IRS Direct File to be fully available March 12

The tool is a new way for eligible taxpayers to file directly with the IRS online for free.

HealthCare-dot-gov enrollees will also receive voter registration emails, vice president says

The communications are part of a Biden administration effort to improve voting rights and access.