Congressional Commission Probes HHS Capability to Address Health Sector Ransomware Attacks

The oversight group wants more detailed information on the HHS’ cyberdefenses as digital networks for critical infrastructure remain a target for malicious actors.


Survey: Performance, Pressure Have Increased Among Remote Government Employees During COVID

The survey also revealed managers seem to trust employees to perform more in virtual environments.

IT Modernization

NIST Redesigns Platform for Reporting Federally Funded Inventions

The National Institute of Standards and Technology upgraded the iEdison platform to include new features and an improved interface.

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5G’s Role in Next-level Infrastructure

5G is set to be a crucial part of the infrastructure that powers a range of technologies that rely on next-generation connectivity.


Faced with a Rise of Extremism within Its Ranks, the Military Has Clamped down on Racist Speech, Including Retweets and Likes

For civilians, free speech is protected by the First Amendment. Not so in the U.S. military, where the rise of political extremism has become a problem.


Banks' Ability to Conduct Cryptocurrency Transactions Comes Under Senators' Fire

Letters issued by the Department of Treasury’s Office of the Comptroller of the Currency allow banks to engage in digital currency transactions that are considered financially sound.


New Research Points to Hidden Vulnerabilities Within Machine Learning Systems

Agencies need to provide extra attention and security for machine learning and artificial intelligence-based systems, beyond the normal level of cybersecurity protection.

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Compliance at the Speed of Digital Transformation

Compliance has become the equal and opposite force to digital transformation.


Log4j Vulnerability Prompts Lawmakers to Examine Agency Cyber Measures

House Energy and Commerce Committee leaders asked several federal agencies about mitigation efforts, following a previous CISA emergency directive about the vulnerability.


FTC Contemplates Rules to Protect Against Commercial Surveillance and Lax Data Privacy

The Commission voted Thursday to issue a notice of their proposed rulemaking and solicit public comment.


CISA Releases Cybersecurity Toolkit to Help Protect Upcoming Midterm Elections

The guide for state and local election officials offers free tools to help mitigate digital threats and safeguard voting systems from outside intrusion.

Emerging Tech

The U.S. Army Is Hunting For More Soldier-Connected Tech

A recent solicitation calls for soldier-centered networking and information technology that will link existing and prototype technologies together.


VA Systems Vulnerable to Cyber Intrusions Due to Lack of Effective Oversight, Report Says

The Department of Veterans Affairs Inspector General's office said the agency is "leaving its systems vulnerable to compromise by impostors who may gain access to protected information."


Cyber Threats Warrant a Government Reorganization, Former CISA Head Says

Inaugural CISA director Chris Krebs said the federal government should do more to respond to cybersecurity and data concerns.

Emerging Tech

Energy Asks for New R&D in Critical Materials for Clean Energy

The Department of Energy launched its new request for information days after the passage of the CHIPS Act.

IT Modernization

The CHIPS and Science Act Became Law, Now What?

Signing the CHIPS and Science Act was just the start for enhancing U.S. economic strength and national security. 


'Hack DHS' Bug Bounty Program to Begin Second Phase with New Contract Request

The contract is geared toward companies that can conduct crowdsourced events and competitions for vetted security researchers, to help bolster DHS’ cyber resilience.

IT Modernization

DHS Research Arm Seeks Science, Tech Capabilities to Protect U.S. Agriculture

The agency issued a request for information to support its Food, Agriculture and Veterinary Defense program.