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Nikhil Sonnad

Digital Government

Mark Zuckerberg Keeps Forgetting About Humans

His consistent use of computer programming jargon reveals a lot about his leadership approach.

Digital Government

Here’s How Countries Like China, Russia Control Online Dissent

Look at the physical systems that make up internet infrastructure, and you find a network that is a lot more centralized than you might think.


Things That Can Be Hacked

Note: Multiple definitions of “hack” may apply.


How to Create a Supersecure Password You’ll Never Forget: Use Poetry

Most people's passwords are terrible and insecure. Here's how to change that.


What’s in the Ashley Madison Database Hackers Released Online?

Despite some initial skepticism about the veracity of the leak, researchers are now starting to agree it is real.


The Chinese Military Is Afraid Wearables Will Reveal its Secrets

China’s military released an ominous warning May 10, telling troops and the wider public that network-connected wearable devices pose a national security risk when used by military personnel.

Digital Government

Inside China’s Elaborate and Absurd Internet Propaganda Machine

Thousands of emails obtained from the Zhanggong propaganda department by a Chinese blogger offer a rare view into the mechanics of manipulating web conversation in China at its most local level.

Digital Government

The Infrastructure Africa Really Needs Is Better Data Reporting

The terrible state of statistical reporting in most of Africa means that it will be nearly impossible to gauge how effective recent infrastructure deals are.

Emerging Tech

Microsoft Might Finally Be Committing to Open Source

Late last year Microsoft finally made itself an account on Github, now the de-facto platform that software writers use for sharing and working on open-source code.