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Mike Murphy


If You’re Worried About Online Privacy, You No Longer Have An Excuse

Just about every web service that isn’t selling you something is selling you to someone else.

Digital Government

Microsoft Is Putting Slack On Notice

The company's new product appears positioned to directly compete with Slack’s free offering.

Emerging Tech

It Looks Like the Next iPhone Will Have a New Type of Charging Cable

It can send and receive far more power and data than a traditional USB cables.

Emerging Tech

The Best Part of iMessage Is Coming to Android Phones

Android will now support the ability to continue text conversations on the web.

Emerging Tech

There’s About to Be A Lot More Creepy Boston Dynamics Robots in the World

The company may soon begin to turn its decades-long robotics research into an actual business.

Emerging Tech

Privacy Is a Luxury, Just Like a $1,000 iPhone

If Apple is the company that will protect you from the tendrils of the internet, that service doesn’t come cheap.

Emerging Tech

Microsoft Has Agreed to Buy GitHub for $7.5 billion

The acquisition of GitHub will likely strengthen Microsoft’s cloud services offerings.