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Michael J. Coren

Staff writer, Quartz.
CIO Briefing

The U.S. Government Just Sued Elon Musk for Misleading Investors About Taking Tesla Private

The case turns on charges that Musk was either reckless or knowingly issued false statements.

Emerging Tech

Utilities Are Paying Their Customers to Buy Electric Vehicles

The transport sector may be the only major new source of electricity demand for developed economies.

Emerging Tech

Bill Gates Warns Silicon Valley Not to Be the New Microsoft

Tech giants such as Facebook and Google have been put on notice.


Statehouses Are The New Arena In the Battle for Net Neutrality

At least 14 states have signed or introduced orders and bills seeking to enforce net neutrality.

CIO Briefing

James Damore Is Suing Google for Discriminating Against White Males

The Ex-Google Engineer filed a complaint in California state court.

CIO Briefing

Silicon Valley Is Flipping Elections in its Spare Time

It’s not anything your average venture-backed startup wouldn’t do, but it’s virtually unheard of for local politicians.