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Robot Exoskeletons Are Finally Here, And They’re Nothing Like the Suits From 'Iron Man'

After years of tinkering and military adventures, the first exoskeleton suits are finally walking out of the lab and into the market.

Emerging Tech

Silicon Valley’s Finest Are Finally Developing a Code of Ethics

Software engineers and executives in the Valley are writing up a set of civic values.

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People Are Ready For Flying Cars—But Only If They Drive Themselves

According to one poll, many would prefer a robot escort them above the Earth.

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Programming While Black Will Cost You $10,000 in Salary

Racial discrimination may be alive and well in the technology industry.

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President of Silicon Valley’s Y Combinator Is Funding Trump Promise-Tracker

“One of the lesson from startups is more measurement almost always leads to better decision making,” Altman says.


We Already Have a Muslim Registry. It’s Called Facebook

The U.S. government will never need to ask anyone to build Muslim registries because tech companies have already built them.

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Truckers Think Automation Won’t Take Their Jobs for 40 Years. Silicon Valley Strongly Disagrees.

The disconnect about the timing for the arrival of such technology, and the political forces it may unleash, reveals a massive split in how the groups believe the transport industry will evolve.

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In Silicon Valley, Savvy Founders Are Networking All Around Town by Driving for Uber and Lyft

As more companies crowd into San Francisco and Silicon Valley, and the road from to idea to venture financing gets harder, the startup hustle is getting even more challenging.

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We May Finally Make Our Homes Smart by Listening to the Flow of Their Electricity

Every appliance speaks a secret language. Now we know what they’re saying.


It Will Soon Be Legal to Hack Your Tesla (And Every Other Car) in the US

The modern automobile, say cybersecurity experts, is not a car with a computer in it. It’s a computer with four wheels and a motor.

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Silicon Valley May Finally Get Special Approval for Foreign Founders to Enter the US

The hardest part of building a startup for many is just arriving in the United States.

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The Highest Paid Workers in Silicon Valley Are Not Software Engineers

Programming isn’t the only way to climb Silicon Valley’s career ladder